High TEN for Friday

Since I missed our high five for Friday post last week (I blame the bride, decorating the reception hall + rehearsal + rehearsal dinner had me tied up all day.  I guess we can also slightly blame me since I didn’t plan anything in advance.  But mostly we’ll blame the bride J ) we’ll do a quick super long high TEN for Friday to make sure we cover everything.

Each of these should probably have their own individual post so I’ll try not to get into too many details and I’ll follow up next week with more in-depth posts with pictures and stories.

[1]  This handsome fella turned 2 months last Monday.  I love him and his little smiles that almost disappear when I pull out my camera.  Forest had to work on Wednesday so I hopped over to spend I most of the day at my parent’s house.  I loved having this little bit of the week to see Chansler, my parents, my aunt, and my cousin.  As a tease I’ll leave this section with only 1 picture (so I’ll have some to share next week) and Chansler had a “first” while we were home!


Chansler 2 months

[2]  We successfully surprised my padre with a 50th birthday party last Tuesday – a whole 2 weeks early!  But that’s what made the surprise so great!  Good job with all of the planning, mom!

Dad's surprise 50th - cake

Dad's surprise 50th

These are just a few.  I have some more pictures I’ll share next week!

[3] Spending time with the girls last week was great!  We did a bachelorette party Wednesday night at a place in Fort Wayne, IN – Wine and Canvas.  The majority of the bridesmaids were only available on a night that Wine and Canvas had a free-paint session (instead of painting a specific image while following an instructor) but I had a great time!



Thursday afternoon some of us met to have our nails done.  I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure or even stepped foot inside of a nail salon.  And I still haven’t done 2 of those things.  Ha!  I opted to just have my fingernails painted (only $5!) while the rest of the ladies got mani/pedis.  I don’t feel like I missed out and I’m happy to report that my nail polish last a whole week!  It probably would have been longer but you could see where my nails were growing and it bothered me.

[4] Forest and I went to a fair for the first time in FOREVER.  (I told Forest earlier this year that we must go to a county or state fair at some point this summer – I seriously have a list at work of the dates of 3 different fairs!  We might not make it to one in NJ but at least we went to one in IN!)  We went with Forest’s mom, aunt, and cousin and I took my Canon DSLR along.

2014_07_10_Greentown Fair3 2014_07_10_Greentown Fair2 2014_07_10_Greentown Fair

These are just a few.  I just might have a write a whole post about why I love fair’s so much next week.

[5] Wedding day was Saturday!  I’m truly so thankful that I was able to be a part of Megan and Ronnie’s special day!  Check out some pictures:

Megan 7.12.14 Heeter Crouch Wedding 7.12.14

Heeter Crouch wedding 7.12.14-2

A very special thank you to my mom for capturing this gem!  You rock!

Also, I feel terrible that I didn’t get a picture of Forest and I with my parents.  We were all dolled up and it completely slipped my mind.

[6]  We got home from Indiana on Sunday WITHOUT DELAYS OR BAD WEATHER!  (The high-five here is for the good weather and no delays, not the leaving-Indiana part.  It’s always hard to leave.)  Our return flight to NJ was at 7:00 am and, since we had a 1.5 hour drive to the airport, we were up by 3:15 am.  That was a major ugh but we took a nap later that afternoon while watching Harry Potter (I love ABCFamily’s Harry Potter weekends).


[7] We had a nice little chat with my brother, Leon, Shelby, and Chansler on Tuesday.  Chansler was supposed to be rolling over for us but he didn’t.  Not once.  So we just chatted instead.  So thankful for technology!

[8] We had terrible weather at the beginning of the week – I’m talking torrential downpours at times – but our basement is dry!  Yes!

[9] Big Brother, the tv show, started a couple weeks ago.  It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to watch every week.  Well to be honest, I’ve watched since the first season.  But I still enjoy watching it.  And we didn’t get to last week so playing catch up this week was fun.

[10] We went swimming last night and then had these cupcakes.  :)

These aren’t necessarily high-five worthy but fun nonetheless:

-This shirt that I bought for $4 at Kohl’s earlier this week!

-Our little bunny that I found hiding in the tall grass in the middle of our yard.

I just spent the evening at a Mexican fiesta pot luck with my ladies. I love them all and I’m so glad God has placed them in my life!

Until next time – Cindy

*all images are original to A View From the Shore*


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