Nifty Fifty

I share in last week’s high TEN for Friday that I would share more pictures of my dad’s surprise birthday party we had for him 2 weeks ago while we were in Indiana.  What better day to share those pictures than today, on his actual birthday!  Happy birthday, padre!

Dad's surprise 50th birthday


14505426357_ae96441e8f_o 14505222949_afb868d9a7_o 14689478764_5da2d3bd36_o 14505427187_354eeabf99_o 14505223548_818a1b2edb_o 14505198550_5fd145b026_o 14668857456_0b17d4009b_o 14691878835_d32198815b_o 14711747613_2edd20ca60_o 14691878315_e31baeb0c1_o I didn’t take nearly enough pictures but I was busy – decorating, eating, stuffing my face with cake, and checking out the deer in the bean field.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

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