2 months + a mohawk

I’m back to share the most precious pictures of the cutest 2 month old ever, in my non-biased opinion.  So what if he’s technically 2.5 months old, better late than never – I love those cheeks!  And the mohawk he’s rockin’!

Chansler 2 mon edited_0001 Chansler 2 mon edited_0004 Chansler 2 mon edited_0009 Chansler 2 mon edited_0010 Chansler 2 mon edited_0011 Chansler 2 mon edited_0012 Chansler 2 mon edited_0013 Chansler 2 mon edited_0028 Chansler 2 mon edited_0032 Chansler 2 mon edited_0033



Can you hardly even stand the sequence of smiles?!

The night before we left, Forest and I hung out at my parents house to visit with everyone (my parents, Leon, Shelby, Chansler, my Aunt Michelle, and Hayzen) one last time.  Leon put Chansler on a mat on the floor to show off his tummy time.  As Leon was laying Chansler down he said, “I know you aren’t going to roll over but let’s show everyone you’re tummy-time.”  Not even a minute later, Chansler managed to roll over!  For the first time!  Not only that, but he rolled over a second time for us!

Nobody even got a picture or video.  Darn.  But I’ve been so worried that Forest and I would miss out on so many firsts and all of the cute little moments but Chansler proved us wrong.  And we’ve been Facetiming at least every other week so we can keep up on how fast he’s growing, listen to his babbling, and chat with Leon and Shelby.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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