I’m here to post another little snippet from our trip to Indiana (three weeks ago…).  So far I’ve posted about surprising my dad with an early birthday party and I shared a plethora of 2 month pictures of the most adorable nephew in all the land.  Today I’ll be sharing pictures of the evening we spent at the Greentown Fair with Forest’s mom, aunt and cousin.

I don’t know what it is about county fairs but I love them so much!  I remember going to the Grant County fair as a child to ride a few rides (the spinning ones always made me feel nauseous but I rode them anyway), see all of the animals, and split an elephant ear or funnel cake with the family.  As a teenager it was the same thing (although I usually stayed away from the spinning rides at this point) and I went mostly to walk around and to watch the demolition derby.  Funnel cake and/or apple dumplings were my go-to snacks and I couldn’t leave the fair without enjoying one of the two.

Since Forest and I have been married and living in New Jersey, which will be 3 years in November, we haven’t been to a single fair.  I told Forest several times last year that we needed find a fair and I would see signs advertising them on my drives home from work but we either already had plans or forgot about it by the time the dates rolled around.  So at the beginning of this summer I made it a top priority to make it to a county fair at some point.  I have a sticky note with dates on my calendar at work so I see them every day and won’t forget (the next one is the Middlesex county fair Aug 4-10 in East Brunswick if anyone in the NJ area is interested).

It just so happened that while we were home, in Indiana, the Greentown Fair was happening.  I had spent the morning with Megan (the bride) and a couple others at a nail salon, getting ready for her wedding on Saturday, when Forest text if I wanted to go to the fair that night.  YES!  We (Forest’s mom, aunt and cousin) piled in the van and spent the evening enjoying the fair.  Forest and I had a tenderloin (something we don’t get in New Jersey) and buttered corn on the cob for dinner, and a funnel cake for dessert – my mouth is watering just thinking about all of the food.

And now here are the pictures:

2014_07_10_1927GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1929GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1948GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1950GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1982GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1963GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1977GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1973GreentownFair 2014_07_10_1992GreentownFair 2014_07_10_2000GreentownF 2014_07_10_2014GreentownFair

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore

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