Hazel Eyes and Grilling Out

I grabbed my camera tonight because I wanted to get a picture of Forest’s hazel eyes.  He was standing outside, manning the grill, and the lighting was perfect.  I’ve always loooooved the color of his eyes – they’re constantly changing!

2014_08_05_2326 forest's eyes

So naturally I had Forest take a picture of my eyes because I like to think they’re pretty too.2014_08_05_2325 cindy's eyesAnd since we were grilling I snapped some pictures of our shish-kabobs (marinated chicken or steak with veggies) + corn on the cob!

2014_08_05_2320 kabobs 2014_08_05_2322 kabobs 2014_08_05_2327 corn on the cobIs your mouth watering too?  Mmmm…. I sure did marry a keeper – not only is he handsome but he can cook, too!

Until next time – Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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