Travel To: Boston

I want to start off this post with a huge thank you for everyone’s prayers, support, and love this past weekend for my mom and our family.  The word cancer is never good to hear but we are leaning on each other, our family, our friends, and God at this time.


Forest and I recently spent a weekend in Boston with 5 of our friends.

We also went to Cape Cod 2 summers ago and made a pit stop in Boston to catch a game a Fenway and spend some time exploring the city.

I’ll combine our two trips to create a “travel guide” of sorts for anyone who will be visiting or wants to visit Boston – we definitely recommend visiting Boston if you get the chance.


Holiday Inn Express – Forest and I stayed here on our first trip.  It’s  just outside of downtown Boston.  It isn’t fancy but it was cheap (while still nice and clean-the lady at the front desk was so nice) and relatively close to a T train stop (Boston’s version of a subway) // Holiday Inn Express Boston – 69 Boston St – Boston, MA 02125

Boston Park Plaza Hotel – This most recent trip with our friends we stayed at this hotel.  It’s in the heart of the theater district and downtown Boston.  It’s in a very convenient location but is on the pricey side.


Subway – Boston uses a subway/train system called the T.  There are stops all over Boston and usually within walking distance of wherever you are.  I think it’s $1.20 per ride so we usually put $10-$20 on a Charlie Card and use it during our stay.  It’s easy to add money to the card if you happen to run out.

DSCN1645- Boston Aug2012

Bus – The Charlie ticket used for the subway can be used for bus fare as well.  We hopped on a bus on MIT’s campus and rode down to Harvard to walk around.

Driving – You can obviously drive your own vehicle as well.  There are parking meters along the roads or there are several lots that you can park in as well.


Freedom Trail – Start at the Boston Commons and wind you’re way through 16 of Boston’s historical landmarks.  You can book a tour or just go on your own self-guided walking tour.  We’ve always done the self-guided tour courtesy of a map we found in our hotel lobby that pinpoints all 16 destinations and you can spend as much or as little time at each stop that you want.  Some museums/tours will charge you to enter but you can always visit the gift shops.  I personally love the Freedom Trail.

DSCN1543 - Boston Aug2012 DSCN1546 - Boston Aug2012 DSCN1561- Boston Aug2012 DSCN1640- Boston Aug2012 2014_07_26_2274- Boston July2014 2014_07_27_2297BunkerHill

Fenway Park – Any baseball fan will appreciate visiting this ball park.  Even non-baseball fans will appreciate a tour here.  Forest and I saw a game on our first trip through Boston (we sat in the old, wood seats behind right field for a night game under the lights on a beautiful evening) and we took a tour on our most recent trip (the Red Sox were out of town) and the $17 price was definitely worthwhile.  You get to sit in the press box and on top of the monstah!

DSCN1682- Boston Aug2012 DSCN1688- Boston Aug2012 2014_07_25_2089- Boston July2014 2014_07_25_2094- Boston July2014 2014_07_25_2119- Boston July2014 - Boston July2014

Prudential Building – This is the tallest building in Boston and there’s a fancy restaurant and lounge at the top (Top of the Hub) of the building but the bottom level boasts countless restaurants and stores to peruse.

Boston Marathon finish line – Even if you aren’t into running, visiting this finish line is a must.

- Boston July2014

Duck Boat Tour – We haven’t made it on a duck boat tour around Boston yet but I’ve heard it’s definitely worth the money (We’ve done the one in Philly and the one in Hyannis in Cape Code – both worth it).

DSCN1547- Boston Aug2012

The Ivy Leagues – I love, love, LOVE visiting the Harvard and MIT campuses.  I think it’s exciting to be walking around the campuses of these prestigious universities.  The buildings are old but beautiful.  Forest particularly likes pretending he’s a student – he’ll tell you how difficult such-and-such professor with grading and how boring xyz class was.

DSCN1540 - MIT Aug 2012 2014_07_26_2156- Boston July2014 2014_07_26_2193- Boston July2014Harvard - Boston Aug2012

The items I’ve listed here will easily fill up a weekend.  You might have time to spare if you don’t read all of the plaques along the Freedom Trail or if you aren’t as interested in vising Ivy League campuses.

Forest and I actually saw a movie being filmed along a portion of the Freedom Trail in 2012 – The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

DSCN1642- Boston Aug2012



We took advantage of the free continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express.  And the Boston Park Plaza Hotel offered coffee and muffins in the foyer every morning.  There is a Dunkin’ Donuts on most corners as well.


The Paramount – We weren’t disappointed with the food here.  We had a large party so we had a long wait but I’d say the food was worth it.  Several Boston Ghost Tours stopped by while we were waiting outside so I guess the apartment above the restaurant is haunted??

2014_07_25_2049- Boston July2014

The Barking Crab – this place had a very fun/laid back atmosphere and really good seafood.  Get there about an hour before you want to eat, we had a 1.5 hour wait.  We got to watch the sun set on the harbor with a beautiful view of the Boston skyline.  (the bathroom will make you feel claustrophobic but you’re there for the food)

Beer Works – right across from Fenway & they brew all of the beers available.

The Fours – we just happened to run into this place when the rain let loose but it’s just off of the Freedom Trail before crossing the bridge to the Bunker Hill monument.

Top of the Hub – this restaurant is at the top of the Prudential building in downtown Boston.  Super pricey ($58 per person for a three course pre-fixe meal or $78 person with wines) but it would be great for a romantic/celebratory evening.


Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore
**Links within this post are not affiliates – I’m not being paid to provide any information.  Just passing along what I can.

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