High Five for Friday

Starting off this Friday post with good news – My mom is home from the hospital!  She went home on Wednesday and she’ll get to continue her recovery there.  And from what I hear, my dad’s been doing ok with the cooking so far.  :)


[1] We got our dishwasher fixed last Thursday – it’s been out of commission since we got back from Indiana July 13th.  The sellers had purchased a 1-year home warranty that covered all of our appliances.  So we called them up July 14th and the soonest they could get someone out to fix the dishwasher was last week.  It hasn’t been terrible without a dishwasher but I sure do love that it’s back up and running.

[2] Our furnace was fixed on Monday!  I noticed water in the basement last week coming from the furnace.  It ended up being more water than I expected so we turned the air conditioner off right then and there.  Forest called our home warranty provider for a service request, a guy showed up on Monday, fixed it in 20 minutes and was on his way.  Good thing we have that home warranty!  Unfortunately it doesn’t cover hoses for the pool – Forest noticed the water in the pool was low on Wednesday even though it rained most of the day Tuesday.  The hose between the pump and filter has an itty bitty hole.  A new hose is cheap though so no worries there!

[3] Forest had 2 softball games on Monday night – I always love going to his games but I’m (9 times of 10) the only wife/girlfriend in the stands.  And then we spent a couple hours on Wednesday night outside doing yard stuff (mowing the grass, pulling weeds, pulling weeds, and pulling weeds).  We had a serious weed problem…

 I’ve loved spending so much time outside recently.  I feel like we’re constantly running from one thing to the next but some outside time is a breath of fresh air. :)

[4] Forest and I decided to do lunch together today.  We always say we should since we work relatively close (unless there’s traffic like there was today) and we finally did!  It was like a mid-day pick-me-up.


[5]  I was summoned for jury duty on Wednesday, August 13th but I checked the website the night before and was put “on-call” – I didn’t have to report.  And the same thing the next day, I was “on-call” for Thursday.  It slipped my mind to check if I had to report today.  And this series of texts happened this morning.


Gotta love that guy.  In preparation for spending all day Wednesday at the court house, though, I bought a new book!  Allegiant, book 3 in the Divergent series.  I’m re-reading the last half of Insurgent since I finished it about 6 months ago.


We’ve made a list of things we need to get done/buy this weekend so we can call the kitchen and living room complete.  We have a million ideas for all of the rooms in the house but we never do/buy anything that we discuss.  So we decided last night that we’re getting stools for the island in the kitchen, we’re buying a bookcase or console table for next to our front door, and we’re painting the second and final coat of paint on the pantry doors. I added buying and putting up shelves in the kitchen but I don’t know if that’s a definite” yes” or more of an “if we have time” deal.  And since I blogged about it, ya’ll can hold me accountable.  *no pressure*

Until next time — Cindy

*all images are original to A View from the Shore


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