High Five for Friday

We’ve made it to another Friday!  I feel like I’ve had a busy week but maybe that’s because I worked summer hours (Mon-Thurs I worked 7-5 and I left at 11am today!).  Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s Friday and I hope you are too!

1.  Forest started classes again this week.  He’s taking 2 classes this time around because it’s a normal-length semester (not a condensed, summer semester) and I think he’s worked on school stuff almost every night this week.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m proud of that guy. Forest studying-Aug2014^^This is how I found him last night when I got home.

2.  We got new phones on Tuesday!  We were available for upgrades so we ordered new phones online, they were delivered on Tuesday and I was a happy camper.  Just ask Forest, I was driving him bonkers with my excitement level.  We won’t talk about how the phone I got died (wouldn’t turn on, charge or reset) Thursday because the guy at the AT&T store gave me a brand new one.  Although he wouldn’t replace the screen protector I had just put on it the night before… lame.  So technically I’ve gotten 2 new phones this week!

3.  We got a new-to-us desktop this week too – I’m currently using it and loving it.  My work was giving some away, first come first served, so I hopped on that train and swiped one up.  Forest just got it up and running last night after we bought a keyboard for it.  As a result, we’ve been brainstorming some desk options for the den.  Anyone that follows me on Pinterest has seen an overwhelming amount of desk pins recently.  We want a 2-person desk setup so we threw out the idea to DIY something – mostly so it will be what we want and not cost an arm and a leg – but we want it to come together quickly.  We’ll see where we end up!

4.  Speaking of the den, I started a house tour update this week.  Mostly just the words.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet so you’ll get to see what our house looks like now, 5 months after signing papers to own it!  I’m excited!

5.  I had dinner with my friend Rachele last night before Imprint.  We usually go to Esposito’s, a pizza place in Matawan, and this was no exception.  I love that place and I love that girl!

BONUS- We were both challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (both of us by my brother, Leon, and Forest by his sister, Amanda).  We accepted and within the hour we were dumping cold water on our heads.  It’s so good to see the awareness that this challenge is raising for ALS.  What’s more encouraging is that, somewhere down the line, this awareness and resulting research will impact a lot of people’s lives.  And not just those with ALS.  I believe all research will lead to better lives for everyone living will disabilities and diseases.  So keep the Challenge going if you were nominated and consider donating – whether it’s to the ALSA or to a charity of your own choosing!

Until next time — Cindy


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