Nine Years

I met Forest when we were both 16 years young – in biology class during our sophomore year (technically we met our freshman year but I didn’t connect the dots until a couple years after we started dating).

Anyway – He asked for my number during our last day in Spanish class. The exact line he said a couple months later:

“You were passing your number out like it candy, so I took a piece.”

Smooth. :)

He shocked me when he called a couple weeks later to invite me to a bonfire at his parent’s house.  We hung out a lot, almost always in a goup -one time we went bowling with Robbie, him and Mark came over to my parents house to hang out, etc. We talked on the phone a couple times. We were friends.  And I already knew his sister, Amanda, because we played softball together and were bff’s.

We started our junior year of high school in August and had a couple classes together. Nine years ago today Forest and I were in Mark’s back yard working on physics homework. We split up the assignment and each worked on a set of questions and then exchanged answers (sorry, Mr. Huntington – physics was like a foreign language to me). I obviously didn’t trust the boys’ answers so I double checked everything with the book, essentially doing the whole assignment myself which made splitting it up pointless. I was reviewing Forest’s answers when I got to question 15. It went like this:

#15. So free falling… Will you go out with me?

Smooth x 2. :)

I’m pretty sure I read it 5 times before I looked up at Forest, who had the cheesiest grin, and then I said yes.

Nine years ago today I started the greatest adventure ever – sharing a life with Forest. He’s full of one-liners, he’s got a smile that lights up any room (and a personality to match), he’s got a heart for Christ, and he’s leading our family like I knew he would.  I’m so glad we’ve had each other through all of life’s up’s, down’s and in-between’s. I’m his biggest fan and I love him to death! We might not be so young anymore, but we’re still in love.

Forest doesn’t think August 25th is worth celebrating anymore – we have our wedding day now.  And I understand but I can’t let an August 25th go by with dinner at “our restaurant” – Chili’s. We won’t do gifts or anything fancy but a dinner at Chili’s is still mandatory in my book.

And now here’s a quick flashback to our last nine years together:

 Oct 2005

^^October 2005

Junior Prom - May 2006

^^Junior Prom – May 2006

August 2007

^^August 2007 – College freshmen

October 2008

^^October 2008

August 2009 - 4 years

^^August 2009 – 4 year anniversary date

August 2010

^^August 2010

December 2010 - engagement

^^December 2010 – engagement

September 2011 - surprise trip to IN

^^September 2011 – Forest’s surprise trip back to IN

August 2012

^^August 2012 – Boston Red Sox game

August 2013

^^August 2013 – Dinner at Chili’s

^^August 2014 – After dinner at Chili’s

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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