High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m typing this from the comforts of our den at 4:04 pm – my manager said we could leave at 3:00 today and I was out of there lickety-split! I feel like I have a lot of things I want to accomplish this weekend so I’m going to type this up and hit the ground running. Here we go!

1. My parents called me about 2 weeks ago saying they had a letter for me (with my maiden name and addressed to their house, where I haven’t lived in almost 3 years) stating that my driver’s license reinstatement fee had been cut in half until the end of the year. Excuse me? After calling the Indiana BMV, I was told that my license was suspended in July 2011 claiming that I didn’t have auto insurance (I absolutely did have insurance, just to clarify) when I was in a fender-bender in April 2011. That’s not a typo – my license was suspended 3 years ago and I was just being notified via an offer to reduce the fee to reinstate it. Come to find out, NJ auto insurance is different than IN auto insurance and, even though I transferred to the same insurance provider in NJ, I needed to call my IN agent to send the Indiana BMV a “proof of insurance” that would erase the reinstatement fee off of my Indiana license. Long story short – My mom sent a picture of a letter earlier this month saying that I no longer owe a fee. Yay!

2. Forest and I went to a Phillies/Cardinals game in Philly on Sunday. We just bought tickets at the window and were 15 rows from the field on the 3rd base side. We got there early so we could watch batting practice and hopefully get some autographs. Tip: they don’t have batting practice on Sunday, especially if it’s the end of a series and double-especially if they played into the 12th inning the night before. But we did get 2 autographs. I don’t remember their names now but maybe one day they’ll make it big. :) The Cardinals didn’t win but we got to work on our tans and enjoyed an ice-cream cone before heading back home. I love day-trips to watch baseball!

3. We celebrated 9 years of being together on Monday, August 25, 2014. You can read more about our story here.

4.  We’ve been having some pretty serious puppy discussions this week!  And we have plans to visit some local SPCA locations tomorrow so hopefully we’ll be adopting a sweet little pup this weekend!

5.  This is probably a SUPER high five, seriously.  I think I high-fived Forest 12 times because I was so proud of myself for this one guys.  So I noticed over the weekend that I was running out of space to upload pictures to the blog (I’ve already used 2.3 GB of the available 3.0 GB).  I had a mini melt-down when I deleted some pictures thinking it would clear up space but leave the pictures in my posts – nope.  I permanently deleted the pictures and they were removed from posts.  I asked Forest what the heck I could do because I can’t not post pictures anymore.  His suggestion was to go back and delete old posts so that I could free up space – not happening!  I used the WordPress support and found that I can embed my Instagram and Flickr pictures right into my posts and 0 GB of space would be used in the process!  All I have to do is wrap the URL in a short code (sounds fancy but it’s basically a little copy + paste the URL) into the post on it’s own line for Instagram.  Those pictures above were embedded from Instagram!! :) Flickr was a little more complicated to figure out (and this won’t make a lick of sense to those who don’t blog) but when I’m writing a post, I just hit the “Add Media” button right under the title and select “Insert from URL” on the right side and I can copy + paste my Flickr picture’s URL right in there and it shows up in the post.  And when I get the URL from my Flickr picture, I can actually choose what size I want it to show up in the post.   Awesome!  Seventeen thousand high-fives for me! ;)  Now I just have to upload a lot of pictures to my Flickr account and go back and embed them into past posts – that’s gonna take some time…

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

Until next time — Cindy


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