Forest Says – vol. 1

I had originally planned to post some updated pictures of the house this week.  I took pictures Saturday morning and everything.  But we did some more things over the Labor Day weekend so I’ll have to figure out what pictures I need to retake.  It’s not too many but a few so I may or may not get that in this week – we’ll see.


So this is similar to “Simon Says” except it’s not a game.  It’s the funny one-liners I get to hear regularly from Forest.  There have been so many but I generally forget to write them down because I’m laughing too much.

These are a few gems that I’ve actually remembered to write down.  I’ve also partially convinced myself that Forest isn’t interested in actually writing a post so I figured I’ll write about him instead.  Seems fair!


After I poked his side in an attempt to tickle him –

F:  You don’t touch a man’s ribs!  Whether they’re on his plate or his body!


In the middle of the night (I did not talk to him first, he just started talking as I climbed back into bed)-

F:  Just throw it away babe.

C:  Yeah?

F:  Mhmmm..

C: (after waiting a minute to make sure he’s actually asleep) But what if it’s important?

F: ees okay. (Juan Pablo accent and all – for all you Bachelor fans)


Walking with our friends to our hotel rooms in Boston:

F: At least the doors are pretty…?


C:  randomly babbling about nothing in particular all morning

F:  Please stop talking.

C:  Forest, you know me.  When do I ever not talk?

F:  When someone asks you to make a decision!  Zzzzzing!

(Any Big Brother fans out there – Forest could be the next Zing Bot.)


Last night as we were both reading in bed:

C: You know, I can’t see the clock on the dresser since you put your hat up there.

F: I could never see the clock.

C: Why..?

F: Cause my eyes are closed. (his head lolls to the side and he fakes sleeping)


These are just from the past 2 weeks or so.  And we’ve been together for 9 years so I dug around my Facebook “About Me” section (you know, when it was cool to write facts about yourself and favorite quotes?) and found this little guy from our college years.  I don’t necessarily remember the whole conversation but it sure is funny.

F:  Dentists aren’t supposed to talk like that! They’re supposed to have clean mouths!

Until next time — Cindy


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