High Five Friday

1.  Forest and I were busy last weekend.  You might have caught this picture on my Instagram:

And we were able to get all but 3 items from the list – wood + brackets for kitchen, chap stick, and puppies.  We went to 3 places to adopt/buy a puppy but the 2 shelter locations didn’t have puppies (so we’ve agreed that an up-to-1-year-old pup would be ok to adopt) and the puppy store didn’t have puppies for less than $1400; we searched high and low for counter-height stools for our kitchen island (we found a couple contenders so now we just need to decide which ones to buy) and a desk/desks for the den (we might have to trek to IKEA or DIY one so we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg – I’m all about the DIY and Forest saw pictures of what I’d like to do and he approves so maybe we’ll get on that this weekend); we did all kinds of yard work involving the newly purchased weed whacker, bug killer, weed killer (right in the middle of the hot and humid times of the day); we painted canvases for the kitchen (finally); we hung up stuff we’ve been meaning to since we moved in; we bought picture frames to replace the ones I broke in the hallway collage; we watched 2 movies (Avatar and Man of Steel, I had never seen either).  It felt really good to be so productive but still have time to hang out and go swimming.

2.  Having a short work week was awesome.  The days seemed to drag a liiiiitle bit but it’s already Friday!

3.  I started our 2014 family photo book.  And by started I mean that I picked the pre-designed book I want to use.  Although I’m bouncing between the book I already chose and a more simple black and white version.

4.  It is officially the month of my birthday!  I can’t believe it’s already September but this year has literally just flown by so I guess that’s what happens.  I’m not ready for pumpkin-spiced anything, for the leaves to change colors, for sweaters or boots, or for fall decorations just yet.  I’d like to soak up some more sunshine, I’d like to go to the beach one more time, I’d like to go to more baseball games, I’d like summer weather to stick around just a liiiitle big longer.

5.  While I’m not ready to give up baseball and summer just yet, I am looking forward to the Colts @ Broncos game Sunday night. :)


Until next time — Cindy


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