Indie (Indy) Mavis Johnson

We added a new family member over the weekend!

Indie (Indy) Mavis Johnson.

The SPCA said she’s about 3 months old and a lab mix.  We think she’s a lab/pit bull mix (Forest Googled images of lab/pit bull mix and almost every picture looks just like her).

She’s such a sweetheart!  She loves to play, nap, and beg for food.  She so far seems to enjoy nibbling on the couch, the rug, and our toes, playing fetch (although she likes to hide under the coffee table with her toy instead of letting us throw it again), and running away with our socks and sandals.  She sleeps great through the night (I was worried we’d be up several times through the night but she doesn’t make a peep!) and hasn’t had too many accidents in the house (I think we caught on to her signal for when she needs to go outside).

Forest hasn’t decided how he wants to spell her name – “Indie makes sense cause she’s a girl and it’s a different spelling but Indy makes sense too!  I can’t decide!”  So for now she’s Indie (Indy).  :)

Until next time — Cindy + Forest + Indie (Indy)


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