House Tour – 5 Months

I think it’s time for a little house update!

I posted this post eight days after we moved into our house.  Everything looked like chaos.  And while there are still a ton of things we would like to do, I’m proud of how far we’ve come and what has been done.

Side note:  I’m terrible at deciding on how to decorate all of the walls (there are seriously so many walls to decorate!) and what piece of furniture to purchase next (there is so much floor space that needs filled!) but I’m slowly learning that it’s whatever makes us happy.  Not everything has to be the same finish and not everything has to be the same shade – I struggle with these things.  Honestly, I’m caught up in reading other blogs, skimming through home magazines and watching too much HGTV that I’m comparing our house/space to those houses/spaces.  Ridiculous, I tell ya!  So I’m putting an end to the comparing.  It makes me anxious and up-tight and I’m over it.  So what if the gallery wall in the hallway is missing picture frames because I may or may not have broken some and haven’t replaced them.  So what if we have absolutely nothing on the kitchen walls but we do have a small pile of things I’d like to use to decorate with just sitting in the corner.  So what if our curtains in the den are crazy-town and we can’t figure out what kind of furniture we’ll buy.  So what if there are weird weeds growing next to the house and different weird weeds growing all over the front lawn (actually this one kinda bothers both of us so we do care and we are working on it. Haha.).  So what if we stiiiiiiill haven’t bought any patio furniture for our massive deck.  We like it here.  A lot.  And it’ll all come together in time (and as funds become available – because sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees)!

With all of that said, check out our house now that we’ve lived here for 5 months!

Entryway – which is really just part of the living room that we’ve sectioned off to act like an entry.

This is your view immediately inside the front door:


Which has changed slightly since we now have Indie’s crate in the hallway, here:


If you look left, you’ll see our beautiful bookcase/console table from Target + mirror from Kohl’s:

IMG_3134 Entryway

IMG_3135 Entryway

[^that lamp used to be pink with a High School Musical shade.  We bought a new shade at Target and spray painted the stand navy blue to match the mirror.  I’m reeeeeally liking the yellow + navy color combo in here.]

And if you look to the right, you’ll find our bench + coat rack:


Living Room

The first things we put on the wall after moving in was this little collage above the tv.  I love it.


This is our view looking towards the front door:



This is looking through the french doors from our living room into our den:


The left side of the room is our “office” area:


(I’m planning a DIY-2-person-desk and space for filing on this side.  I have really high hopes for it!)

The right side of the room is our “library”:


(^5 Billy Bookcases from IKEA [3 narrow and 2 wider] and clearly we need to buy more books!)


This is very similar to a picture I showed after all of our cabinets were painted:


Our newly painted pantry doors look so beautiful:


dining area:


complete with new DIY paintings:

IMG_3141 Kitchen artwork

and a pile of decorative things I’ve collected for when we finally decide to buy/hang shelves on those pretty blue walls:


We had to hide the trash can from a certain nosey pup.  We needed a space for her water and food:

IMG_3139 Indie Mavis Johnson

(the trash can in the open didn’t look good anyway.)

Master Bedroom

IMG_3116 Master Bedroom

IMG_3114 Master Bedroom

^don’t let the lighting fool you in this picture, the walls are grey

IMG_3118 Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

We just put these corner shelves up (I was tired of having a basket on top of the toilet tank for my hair products that don’t fit in the cabinet):

IMG_3120 Master Bathroom

Now we have this:

IMG_3123 Master Bathroom

It’s really difficult trying to photograph this tiny room:

IMG_3125 Master Bathroom


We’ve purchased frames to fill in the holes, we just haven’t hung them on the wall yet (and I want to add more!):


^1st door on the left is our first guest room (the smaller of the 2), the 2nd door on the left is the main bathroom, the door straight ahead is the second guest room, and the door/opening on the right is to the kitchen

Guest Room 1

We still love the Honey Toast color but we don’t have much except storage going on in here still:


Guest Room 2

I loooooooooove the paint color in here (Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore) but it’s main function currently is housing our board games and old college note books (are we the only ones who haven’t burned those yet??):


Main Bathroom











(clearly neither of us cleaned the basement at all before my photo sessions. oops.)

And we’ll end the whole shebang with this little-diddy I made one evening with a cute frame, card stock, glue, and buttons:


That’s the end of our tour!  If you’ve made it this far, I commend you.  If you only scrolled down here to see all of the pictures, I don’t blame you. :)  I can’t believe we’ve owned this house for more than 5 months.  It’s seriously gone by so fast!  There’s still a lot of things we want to do/buy (buy furniture for the den, decorate the guest bedrooms, buy furnishings for the deck, decorate the kitchen, get rid of the weeds in the front yard, etc.) but they’ll get done in time.

Until next time — Cindy


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