In All of My 26 Years

Today is my 26th Birthday so I thought it would be fun to do a my-life-in-numbers post.

3 number of states I’ve lived in (IN, MA for a hot second [I’m counting it since I went to school there], and now NJ)

16 number of states I’ve visited (by my calculation)

1 number of siblings I have

1 number of nephews I have

3 number of cars I’ve owned

30 number of miles I drive, round trip, to and from work everyday

6 number of years Forest and I dated before we tied the knot

5 number of jobs I’ve had

66 number of days I am older than Forest

700 number of miles we are from our closest family members

990 number of days I’ve been married

11 number of flights I’ve been on

1,241 number of pins on my Pinterest boards

5.5 number of hours I slept last night

3 number of homemade muffins I ate this morning at work

2 number of cakes ladies at work baked for me today

171 number of pictures currently on my phone (this will change before the day is over)

14 number of pictures I have in my cubicle

2 number of Broadway shows I’ve seen

388 number of Instagram’s posted

1 number of naps I wish I could take everyday

3 number of times I’ve read the Harry Potter series

2 number of library cards I currently possess

0 number of broken bones in my lifetime

112 number of posts on the blog (including this one)

2.83 number of years I’ve lived in New Jersey

3.33 number of years since I graduated college

5 number of Rascal Flatts concerts I’ve attended

6 number of baseball stadiums I’ve watched a game at (still way behind Forest though)

170 number of days that we’ve owned our home

3 number of bruises I have from Indie

12 number of days since we adopted Indie

365 number of days since we were at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando

9,490 number of days I’ve been alive

And I’ve loved every single one of them!

Thank you so, so much for the birthday wishes today.  My day has been super-sweet because of ya’ll.

Until next time — Cindy


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