High Five for Friday

It’s officially the last few days in September. I can’t believe it.  Here’s a quick rundown of my high fives from last week +  some weekend happenings.

1. Last weekend we went to Ocean Grove. We expected to walk down main street, in and out of shops, and along the beach. We ended up in the middle of a European can show! It was pretty cool to see so many foreign cars. And we had Indie with us so everyone was asking to pet her.  She was so well behaved. We walked along the beach too and I think we wore her out.  She went to bed without a whine or wimper that night.  It was a gorgeous, relaxing day.  I must admit that I was suuuuuper bummed that I didn’t have my DSLR with me that day – I could have taken some pretty cool pictures.
Ocean Grove European car show. #latergram #EuropeanCars



2.  We got this “family” picture while we were on the beach at Ocean Grove.  It clearly doesn’t have all of our faces but I’m in love with it.


3. We went to the Baltimore at Yankees game Wednesday – Derek Jeter’s next-to-last home game.  Jeter didn’t play but he was DH. He went 0 for 4.  And the Yankees lost 8-5. So the game itself wasn’t all that spectacular, but the experience was awesome.  And we were there ON Amanda’s birthday. She scored Ichiro Suzuki’s autograph before the game too.

NYYvBO_09252014 (3)

NYYvBO_09252014 (22)

NYYvBO_09252014 (24)

^^white flags with 2 on them were flying all around Yankee Stadium

NYYvBO_09252014 (32)

NYYvBO_09252014 (40)

NYYvBO_09252014 (45)





^^phone picture

4. We had an employee appreciation day at work on Thursday.   They brought in a hot dog stand for everyone.  It was supposed to be outside but it was pouring rain so they hauled the the cart inside – umbrella and all.  We all took an extended lunch break that day


5. My hair is getting a ever-so-slightly longer and I was able to do a double-bun-updo with my hair this week.  It was exciting!

My mom had her first chemo treatment last Monday (September 21) and she said the day went well.  She wasn’t feeling all that great later in the week but only 5 treatments left!

On Friday night, before Forest’s family left on Saturday morning, we hit up iPlay America in Freehold, NJ.  We played air hockey and arcade games to our hearts content and traded the 1,000 tickets we had accumulated for 2 super hero yarn dolls and a Frozen pen.  Score!  We had such a great time with Forest’s family here this week.

Saturday morning, after Forest’s family left, the 3 of us (Forest, Indie and myself) lounged around the house, ate some lunch, cleaned the house, and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

On Sunday, after the 8:30 service at church, my friend, Rachele, and I headed up to Fairfiled, NJ for a photography class.  It was from 11:30-4:30, lunch was included and there were 3 classes combined into the whole day (here’s a link of the class we took at Unique Photo – Ultimate Understanding Your Camera).  The Instructor, Rick Gerrity, was great and I’m tempted to sign up for some of the excursion classes he teaches.  I definitely feel more comfortable with my camera – I feel like I will be able to make the proper adjustments if a picture is too dark or too bright, if I’m taking a picture in the shade vs the sunlight vs indoors, if I want to see movement/blur in the picture or freeze my subject, etc.  We seriously covered a lot of things during the day but it wasn’t overwhelming or intimidating.  And now I can’t wait to start taking more pictures to work on my composition and being more creative.  I’ll try to post some of our practice pictures with the adjustments I made (that way I’ll be able to remember and refer back to it and those of you that are interested in photography will have some pointers too!)

In other news, today marks 1 year since I (we) created the little blog.  It’s been a year already!  I can’t believe it but I’ve enjoyed documenting the few things I have so maybe I’ll get better about posting more.  Rather than posting about a vacation or event a month or more after, I’ll be able to whip something up in a week or so.  That’ll be my goal for the next year – be better about posting.

Until next time — Cindy

I was not compensated for my thoughts about Unique Photo & Rick Gerrity.  These are my own opinions – just passing along a good thing.


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