Forest Says – vol. 2

A collection of things Forest says.  Because he’s a pretty funny guy (even when he’s doesn’t try).


[Check out vol. 1 here if you missed it.]


In the middle of the night, as I’m returning to bed after a trip to the restroom:

C: Babe, can you let me get back into bed?  (he had rolled over onto my pillow in the 2 minutes it took me to use the restroom)

F: mumbles something

F: That didn’t make sense. (Rolls over)

F: mumbles something else

F: That didn’t make sense either.  Sorry.


At a NY Red Bulls games, as fans start to cheer for the players as they run onto the field:



Watching the Colts vs Broncos game, as the starting players say their names/colleges at the beginning of the game:

F:  I like that guy’s voice.  He sounds like a true southerner.  I bet he’s nice.


While playing with Indie on the floor:

F: I think I threw my back out when I was crawling like a dog.  Man… we should have had kids 3 years ago!


After a comment (that I wasn’t happy about at the time):

F:  I knew I shouldn’t have said that!


Talking to Indie after a trip to the pet store earlier this week:

F:  I wish everyone you see in public that says how good and sweet you are knew what you acted like at home.  You see all of them and are sooo good for 10% of your life, about 80% of the time you’re really difficult and crazy, and maybe the other 10% you’re sleeping at home.  Did you know that about yourself?


While Forest is doing school stuff at the kitchen table:

F:  What is she (Indie) barking at?

C:  She wants on the couch and I won’t let her.  She can sit in the chair but doesn’t want to.

F:  That’s probably my fault, huh?


F:  Yeah, that’s definitely my fault. I spoiled her.


Until next time — Cindy


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