Forest Says – vol. 3

I’m back for another round of Forest Says!  The funny one-liners I get to hear regularly from Forest!


On a chilly drive to church one morning, we pass someone running down the road-

F: Dude, it’s cold outside.  Go home.  Yeah! Run home and get some hot chocolate.

On the same drive, but a couple miles up the road, we pass another runner-

F: Run on home!


I woke up to the sound of  Forest whistling and Indie wagging around in her crate at 2:00 am-

C: Forest, why they heck are you whistling?!

F: I have no good answer.

The next morning he asked me why I woke him up and after explaining the situation he uncontrollably laughed for 5 minutes and then made me repeat the story so he could laugh again.


C: Babe, can you think of questions to ask the Dr when we go?

F: Yeah, my first one will be ‘Can I touch her?’ (He’s adorably afraid to touch my stomach now that I’m pregnant), the second will be ‘are you sure it’s ok to touch her?’, and my third will be about sex.


As Indie tried to jump on him on the couch-

F: There’s a song us humans sing and it goes like this ‘you can’t always get what you want’


To Indie-

F: Just because we are pretending to sleep doesn’t mean you pretend to be terrible!


F: We need to clean out our closet.  It got out of hand real quick.


F: In one weekend I’ve tapped into the accents of my ancestors.  Australian and Irelish.

(Apparently Irelish is the new language of Ireland.)

Editor’s Note: Forest doesn’t know his ancestry… We need to change that ASAP.


F: This is my song!  I think.  It’s the fishin’ one?  Fishin’ with crawl dad’s?


Talking about Texas Road House’s cinnamon butter-

F: This is probably the only butter in Heaven.

Until next time — Cindy


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