O Christmas Tree

The tree is up!  Friday morning I found Forest in the basement digging around for our boxes of Christmas decorations and pulling the tree out of the closet.  It was officially time to deck the halls!

We had to scoot the tree around to a couple different spots before we found the perfect corner – and we didn’t even have to re-arrange the furniture.  Growing up we always had to move the living room furniture around so we could put the tree up and then move it all back in January when the tree came down.

The lights were strung, the ornaments unwrapped and laid out on the couch, Christmas music was blaring, and Indie was happily sniffing everything.

Christmas decorations

Indie actually tried to help at one point.  She snagged a yarn angel from our pile of ornaments and tried to eat it.  After Forest wrestled it away from her, we thought it would be cute if she helped hang it on the tree.  She just tried to eat it again.  We put that one near the top in case she thought it was a toy so she won’t be able to reach it.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

We got the last few ornaments hung on the tree and then we started throwing the rest of our decorations around the house – the stockings were hung on the mantle (first time we’ve ever been able to do that), more lights were hung around the door, snowmen and Christmas bears were placed in the kitchen, and we had to remind Indie (more than once) not to eat the tree.  The house looks so pretty now!  We don’t have a ton of extra Christmas/winter decorations for shelves or mantles or tv stands but we have enough for now and I know our collection will grow.


Christmas decorations

I love turning off all of our lamps and just sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree!  A hot chocolate in hand and a Hallmark movie on tv are good too.  :)

Christmas decorations


On Friday night, Forest lit the fireplace and we played card games for several hours while we sipped hot chocolate and ate peanut butter cookies.  And, like always, Indie got her way and snuggled right up next to Forest.  She’s just the sweetest thing though.


^now we have Indie’s hanging up there too


Until next time — Cindy

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