Christmas Potluck

We hosted our first Christmas dinner/party last week.  We had our home group over last Tuesday for a potluck dinner.  We  Forest made a delicious ham and I baked some cookies for the little gathering and we had everyone else bring a side dish or dessert, whatever they wanted.

I snapped a few pictures of the decorated house before anyone arrived but I forgot to snap any while the house was full of friends (darn it!).




The food everyone brought was delicious, the conversations were wonderful and we ended the night singing Christmas carols.  Perfect!

When the last guests left and all of the leftovers were put in the fridge, Forest gave me a high five.  He says we nailed it and I agree.  I’m so glad we decided to host this potluck (even if Forest was worried we wouldn’t have enough seats – we totally did, by the way).  I want to open our doors and invite people over more often.  It’s so fun to have our home filled with laughter and love.

We went to 3 other Christmas dinners/parties last week and each one was so different but so fun.  I am definitely in the Christmas spirit.  Who am I kidding?  I have been for weeks!

Until next time – Cindy


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