Pumpkin Update

We announced here that our little pumpkin is expected to arrive June 2015.  But I haven’t really mentioned the pregnancy/baby since then so I thought I’d do quick little update about how this pregnancy has been so far.

So as of today (December 16) I am 14 weeks, 5 day.  And this pregnancy has been a roller coaster full of nausea, nothing sounding good to eat but starving at the same time, exhaustion, being able to smell everything, and recently feeling ok/normal sometimes.

I accomplished a whole lot of nothing after work except snoozing on the couch from weeks 5 to 11.

Forest would probably chime in here with something like “you accomplished a whole lot of complaining too.”  I like to think I could have been much worse.  thank you very much.  But he’s been such a trooper – doing grocery trips on his own several weeks, keeping Indie away (sorry girl) because she smelled so bad to me, having pizza multiple times in a weekend because that’s just what sounded good, going to every doctor appointment (and giggling at the posters/diagrams on the walls but pulling it together when the dr walks in), carrying laundry up and down the stairs for me, turning off the lamp that’s on my side of the bed before he crawls in (because I just don’t want to stretch that far…), and giving me a high five every night after I take my huge prenatal vitamin.  And honestly, countless other things that I should list but I’m not writing a novel, so I hope you get the idea that he’s been beyond the best.thing.ever.

Weeks 12 and 13 were rooooough with extra nausea and killer headaches.  But I’ve pulled through and I’m happy to report that this week has been 75% better.  I’d like to think the 5 Christmas parties/dinners I went to this week have helped but it’s probably more like entering my second trimester.  Which I’ve heard is when most women start to feel better.  I still fall asleep on the couch most nights (last night we were watching Monsters University and I missed half of it. grrr….) and Indie still smells absolutely terrible but the nausea has drastically decreased!

The baby, according to the app on my phone, is approximately the size of a lemon.  And everyone keeps asking if we’re going to find out the gender.  I think we’ve both agreed to we want to.  We’re both planners so to not be able to plan a nursery or buy specific clothes or pick colors and themes would probably kill us.  I’m scheduled for that ultrasound in mid-January.

I’ve thought about sharing “bump-dates” but I know that’s unrealistic for me.  I’ve also been trying to decide how much I share here on the blog.  I read some blogs that share every little detail with pictures for everything and I read others that sort of skim over pregnancies like it’s not really happening.  I am using this blog as a memory-keeper for our family so I’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle – sharing when I feel like it but not the nitty-gritty details.

All of that to say, I’ve compiled a collage of my bump pictures so far.

first trimester bump pics

And I think I’ve officially “popped.” Check out this baby bump!


So there you have it!  This pregnancy hasn’t been without it’s bumps but Forest and I feel extremely blessed to be the parents to this little one.  We thank God every single night for this precious gift He’s given us.

It honestly still feels so surreal.  I know I’m pregnant, I know there’s a little one growing inside, but sometimes I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that we’ll have a tiny little baby in our arms in June.  I’m so excited to see Forest become a father.  To see how he interacts with Indie – the way he melts into a puddle when she looks at us with her puppy dog eyes or when he gives into her when she incessantly barks because she just wants to cuddle – and how well he takes care of me – read a few paragraphs up – I know he’s going to be wrapped around our little one’s finger, showering all of his love on him/her.  It’s going to be beautiful.

Until next time — Cindy


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