I want to remember…

Dear Forest,

Today marks 19 weeks of this pregnancy – Only 21 more to go! – and I feel like I’m constantly flip-flopping between being super excited about the baby coming and being super anxious that he/she will be here so soon!  I mean, I’m already 19 weeks.  The next 19-21 weeks are going to fly by too, right?!

Our lives will be changing drastically (in a good way, we both agree) in a few short months.  At times, I feel like we’re still babies ourselves since both of us are only 26.  But other times, I feel like we’ve officially crossed the line into adulthood.  Really, though, that probably happened when we celebrated 3 years of marriage, or adopted a dog, or bought our house, or celebrated 2 years of marriage, or started careers, or moved to New Jersey, or got married, or graduated college, or got engaged.  One of those times we definitely crossed the line into being grown-up adults but at the same time, with each new milestone, I feel like we’re just now becoming adults and preparing for a baby is no exception.

With all of that said, there are things I want to remember about this time in our lives.  There are moments that I want to remember as our little family is getting a little bit bigger.  There are things you say and songs you make up (or mostly just songs that you change the words to) that I want to remember forever.

I want to remember…

You and Indie cuddling in the recliner every morning as I sit on the couch, watching the news and eating my cereal.

Our morning routine as I leave for work in the morning: you slowly get up from the recliner as you tell Indie “Mom’s leaving, I gotta go give her a hug.” And I’m still scrambling to get everything together and my coat buttoned.  You groggily open your eyes and give me a kiss and a hug.  We say “I love you” and “have a good day” (and sometimes you throw in a “Merry Christmas”) as I walk out the door, telling Indie to have a good day.  Every day.  I never want it to end.

How excited you got as you explained the project you’ll be working on for the class you’re taking this semester.

Our late night chats as we’re falling asleep.


The awesome pork chops you made last night from my mom’s recipe.

Discussing baby names.  We’re set on a girl’s name (definitely a first name but we have 2 options for the middle name) and we still have 11 or so on our list of boy’s names.

The way you use the phrase ‘so hard right now’ – It started with “She wants to cuddle so hard right now.” But last night you said “I want a banana with peanut butter so hard right now but the bananas are still green.”  Yeah, the second one didn’t make sense but it’s you’re thing and I notice myself saying “Indie just wants to cuddle so hard right now” on occasion.

How you lay the small back massager you got in your stocking on my pillow some nights so I’ll give you quick massage as I’m reading my Bible.

You hiding from Indie somewhere in the house and Indie searching for you frantically, and sometimes whining, until you whistle to give her a clue.

The night you ran laps around the kitchen, Indie on your heels, and talking in a voice that sounded just like George W. Bush…. about fajitas (because that’s what we had for dinner).


You’re spot-on impression of Charles Barkley – ‘That’s turrble’

How you exclaim “Cindy, you look so pregnant” at the most random moments.

You’re ability to get things taken care of/scheduled even though you hate talking on the phone – you called the vet and scheduled maintenance for my car in one day!

How you went on another solo grocery store trip at 8 pm on a Sunday night and reported “That was the most pleasant trip to the grocery store.”

The way you make fun of me for sometimes eating a bowl of cereal before bed.

The planner inside of you preparing a vacation for us and finding a place for Indie to stay.

That your car doesn’t have heat but you’re still driving ‘Toothless’ anyway and rationalizing why you don’t need a new one yet.  Speaking of which, let’s get a new one soon.

You lovingly encouraging me to not sit on my butt all evening.

And supporting my idea for a (another) new photo project.

That you can always laugh at yourself and don’t take things too seriously.

3 year anniversay

Your laugh.  The laugh you do when something is really, really funny.

Your typos in texts – not the long texts, but the short 1-2 word texts sometimes have a typo and I chuckle every time.

Our nightly dinners at the kitchen table.  While we stare at each other in an attempt to ignore Indie’s barking to play with her.  (I don’t foresee this ever ending but I still want to remember).

Holding hands when we go to the movies.  Until your arm goes numb, anyway.

The efforts I take to have you help me take my weekly “bump” pictures.

The way you stick your butt out when we hug because you don’t want me to “hurt myself” if the bump touches you.

Your excitement when we have a free HBO/movie weekend and you record approximately 10 movies for us to eventually watch (our DVR is 47% full because of it.)

And that you didn’t delete the Hunger Games movies from the DVR even though we’ve seen them several times.


That you ask me every evening if I read that day’s devotional yet.

There’s more.  There’s oh-so-much more that I want to remember about this exact time in our lives.  I have a terrible memory (we both know that’s true) so this will definitely come in handy for me.

I love these things about you, Forest, but more importantly, I love you.



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