Forest Says – VOL. 4

To Indie:
F: I just deodorized this chair so it smells good and you’re gonna oderize it again.

Randomly in the middle of the night:
F: He turned into a dinosaur. Or a transformer. [Pause] Whatever a transformer is.

C: what are you chuckling at?
F: your blog post. So I guess myself. That’s going on the blog isn’t it?

F: I saw somewhere at work or church that you can donate gently used coats. If you can find somewhere to donate your coat then maybe you can buy a new one. [Pause] Hmm. I felt like a father just then.

Randomly in the middle of the night (notice a trend):
F: I’m not looking at the camera!  I’m not moving, I’m not saying anything until that red light comes on!

A Saturday morning, Indie sleeping on Forest’s lap.
C: did home girl have breakfast?
F: does home girl let life continue if she hasn’t had breakfast?

12/16 after telling him I have a bump if I don’t suck it in:
F: Cindy, you seriously look pregnant!

A conversation through text:
C: I pulled a Forest….
F: what does that mean?? You were exceptionally sweet to someone??
C: hahahaha. I went to the wrong store. You always complain you should have gone to a different store to buy a certain gift but you went somewhere else instead. That’s what I just did.
F: oh boy. Yeah I do that alot. Not this year though!!

with indie sitting on his lap:
F: I don’t know what’s gonna happen if the baby likes me more than you too. You’re gonna have to take one of them.

I requested Christmas music as we were trying to fall asleep one night, while listening to Canon in D:
C: do you know this song?
F: yeah, canons. We played it in orchestra.
C: I walked down the aisle to it but that’s fine, we’ll go with orchestra.
F: oh man, you’re gonna have to put that on the blog

after reading in the bulletin at church that the school was looking for a hs baseball coach:
C: you should do that babe!
F: I would love to but one of two things would need to happen first. Either we remove the baby from your belly or I drop out of school. And I don’t really think those are options.

We both (I thought) woke up to Indie coughing:
C: is she getting sick?
F: no, it’s just a tickle.
C: oh. Are you sure? (It was dark and we were both still in bed)
F: mumbles…
C: that didn’t completely make sense.
F: that’s ok. It didn’t need to make full sense.
Needless to say, he didn’t remember the conversation the next morning….

Until next time — Cindy


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