Today (Jan 27) I am 20 weeks, 5 days – just over halfway there!!

We found out last week that we’re having a GIRL!

20 weeks GIRL

Forest has been saying girl all along.  I was thinking boy.  And everyone in our families, except my dad (good job, dad!), thought boy as well.  A few friends in NJ have thought girl but I’m wondering if that’s because there are so many other friends pregnant this year with boys.

Honestly, Forest and I didn’t care if the baby was a boy or girl.  We just wanted him/her to be healthy.  When Forest asked if they could tell us the gender during my ultrasound last week, they said GIRL and I think my heart exploded.  I looked at Forest with a big smile on my face because he’s been saying girl for so long now.  During our ultrasound, though, our sweet little baby was being so stubborn.  She (even though this was before we knew the gender) was curled up in a ball, happy as can be.  The technician made me walk around in the waiting area 2 different times to see if the baby would flip or un-curl.  She didn’t.  We went back into the waiting area a third time and asked the nurse for a juice.  They only had Pepsi so I drank a few sips of that (my first pop/soda in oh…. 6 years or so) but baby girl was being stubborn (taking after her daddy already) and kept her head covered so they couldn’t get all of her measurements.  I have to go back next week so they can hopefully get all of her measurements.

I’ve been feeling good since about week 15.  No nausea or headaches anymore.  I feel like I might have more energy although I could take a nap everyday if I didn’t have to work.  Sleeping at night this week has been on and off.  I only get up once to use the bathroom but I feel like I toss and turn all night because my hips start to hurt.  I’ve had a cough since before Thanksgiving.  Some days it’s worse than others but it’s not a cold. I’m not congested or stuffy.  It’s the weirdest thing.

Cravings are limited.  Mostly fruit (pears, green apples, bananas with peanut butter, strawberries, and blueberries – in that order) and cereal.  Forest has ‘caught’ me grabbing a bowl of cereal at 10pm several times.  Almost always honey nut cheerios.  We’ve gone through a couple jars of pickle spears recently too.  I’ve really been wanting a doughnut for a couple weeks and I can’t shake it so I might have to break down and get one soon.

I haven’t felt any movements yet.  My Dr said that’s normal since this is my first pregnancy but that I should start to feel flutters and kicks in the next couple weeks.  I’m really looking forward to that!  And maybe I’ll be able to talk Forest into touching my belly eventually so he can feel baby girl moving, too.

When we bought our house in March (how has it seriously almost been a year already?!), Forest was determined to paint the smallest room closest to ours a “gender neutral” color so we wouldn’t have to repaint when it came time to use it as a nursery.  I agreed that it was a good idea and we picked yellow.  Not realizing that Forest was serious about not repainting the room, I began my Pinterest search a couple weeks ago for both genders.  When I sat down with Forest last weekend and showed him what I pinned he remarked “But none of those rooms are yellow.”  He was/is so serious about not repainting that room!  After we were told IT’S A GIRL, I started my Pinterest search again and found so many cute ideas for yellow nurseries! It’s going to be so cute!

Speaking of cute, usually when people think of baby girls they immediately think PINK and FRILLY and PINK.  But, maybe because I’ve never been a girly-girl, I don’t plan on a lot of pinks.  I’m thinking coral and peach instead of pink.  Yes, it’s still in the pink family but it’s not in-your-face pink.  And mix that with a yellow room and soft blues and greens.  It’s practically going to be a rainbow of a nursery but I hope it will come together nicely.

And I’ll end this little enormously long post with bump pictures!

15-20 weeks

Until next time — Cindy


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