I’ve got the bug

The cleaning bug!!

It started with a dresser drawer the other night.  I couldn’t close it because I was trying to stuff an already full drawer with my maternity shirts.  So I emptied the whole thing, added back the shirts I could probably wear for a couple more weeks, put my maternity shirts on top of those, and stashed the rest until I can fit into them again.  It took me approximately 5 minutes, start to finish.

This morning, as I was doing my hair and I decided one of the drawers in the sink cabinet needed cleared out.  I threw away hair ties that were stretched out and unusable.  I tossed travel sized lotions that I haven’t used in forever or that I didn’t enjoy the fragrance.  I reorganized the rest of it into groups of like-items and called it a morning.  I was done in a minute or less and it felt great!

We have stacks of totes in our basement full of memories.  They’re mostly mine.  My parents brought them when we moved into the house – they were secretly tired of holding onto my hoarding.  Forest has a couple totes of baseball cards and baseball memorabilia.  I’ve wanted to go through them, though, and decide what we really need/want to keep.  Some items you just can’t throw away, ya know?  Like my baby blanket or my Cabbage Patch dolls.  Especially my dolls since we know we’re having a girl!

I think they call it ‘nesting’ – when you’re getting the house and things ready for the arrival of your new baby.  Maybe it’s because we’re coming up on a year of owning our home (how?!) and I’m ready to get things organized and de-cluttered since I know we’ll be adding baby things soon.   Maybe I’m looking forward to spring so I’ve decided to start spring cleaning early.  Whatever it is – I’m ready to start cleaning out, throwing away, and donating things that we don’t need or use anymore.

So that just might be what I do the next couple weekends.  I’ll lock myself in the basement and finally sort through those totes.  Or I might start smaller and just clean out the rest of the drawers in the bathroom.  To be honest, I should probably start in the nursery.  It needs cleared out so we can fill it up with pretty baby things!

Here’s a list of areas that need attention in our house:

  • Bathroom drawers – both bathrooms
  • Nursery – it’s been a catch-all for everything that doesn’t have a home so we need to find new homes (or donate what we don’t actually use!!)
  • Nursery closet – we have our hoodies and extra pillows and bedding in there so they’ll have to go somewhere else
  • Our closet & dressers – I know there are clothes we haven’t worn in years that need tossed or donated
  • Filing cabinet in the office – we have to keep receipts for 7 years, but that doesn’t mean all 7 years need to stay in the filing cabinet…
  • Basement – I mentioned above that we have totes on totes on totes that need sorted and organized
  • Basement closet – where we store our seasonal items (decorations, summer/beach stuff, etc) but I know there are things that need to go (ahem… box of empty cd cases…)
  • External Hard drive – delete pictures (the blurry ones that you can’t tell what you’re looking at) and get everything organized (which I’m pretty good about – I keep everything organized by the year and the month and big life events (like everything baby related has its own place) get their own folder)

I’m on a mission to purge and organize!

Until next time — Cindy


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