Clearing out, cleaning up & finishing it

A couple weeks ago I posted that I was hit by the cleaning bug [here].  I had a list of items that I want to get cleared out and cleaned up in the next couple of months (at least before our baby-girl gets here) and I’m so excited that we’ve done just that!

So far we’ve tackled the following spaces:

  • Nursery & Nursery closet





March 2015 empty nursery

March 2015 empty nursery

  • Our closet & dressers
    • I went through my drawers and closet and filled 2 big shopping bags.  Forest hasn’t gone through any of his things but I don’t know that it’s on his list.  At least most of his clothes are where they should be.
  • Basement
    • I just tackled this one over the weekend!  I went through all of the totes (I got lost strolling down memory lane in a couple of them) and tossed the things that weren’t worth keeping.  I have 2 more empty totes now!  I know one will be used for Christmas/winter decorations that wouldn’t fit back into the tote we already had.  I also made a pile of things that could be sold in a rummage (or donated).  But I need to figure out what to do with the textbooks I kept from college… I don’t need them anymore but I’m sure they aren’t used in the classroom.

the best before I could find…:



clean basement

  • Basement Closet
    • We didn’t really clear out anything but, when we put away the Christmas decorations, Forest managed to get it looking a little more organized.  At least we can find things when we need them now.  And there are several items in there that we know can be sold or donated.

The only items that remain from my original list are:

  • Bathroom drawers
  • Filing cabinet.  To be honest, I thought about starting this 2 weeks ago when Forest was gone for training but I didn’t.  It seems so overwhelming!  I want to get cardboard filing boxes so nothing gets jumbled or lost.
  • External hard drive

And I’ve added a few more things that I’d like to get done:

  • The other bedroom (we call it the Revere room because the paint color is Revere Pewter) – almost everything that was moved out of the nursery landed in here.  We put our old desk in here (and I LOVE that it’s looking into the backyard, it looks like such a cute place for guests to sit if they need some ‘me’ time while they’re here), we have an end table from the apartment that we haven’t used but Forest doesn’t want to part ways with, we have the bookcase of board games that we’re thinking of relocating to the basement, and the closet is full of out-of-season (and my non-maternity) clothes, old college books/notes, empty boxes, and spring jackets.  Whew.  We think there will be guests visiting in the near future, and both of our families will be visiting when baby-girl arrives, so I want to get this room ready for all of the traffic it’s about to see.
  • Kitchen Shelves – we’ve had this on our list forever and we’re moving at a snail-pace to get it done.  This is our plan:

(image via Decor and the Dog blog) and we’ve already bought the hardware and scoped out the lumber.  Now we just need to

  • Den –I just want to do a few things: paint the desk legs black, organize/clear out/clean up the one corner that is a jumbled mess, do something with the wall above the desk (shelves? Gallery wall? I love both looks!), and buy chairs and a small accent table for the ‘library’ side.  We’ve gone chair shopping a couple times but I think we have sticker shock.  The ones we want are more than we thought we’d spend but we don’t want to settle for cheap, uncomfortable chairs.
  • Buy a new area rug for the living room.  Not only is the one we have now, which we brought from the apartment, too small but Indie chewed on it the first couple of months we had her.  I think she’s out-grown chewing on the rug so I think it’s time to get a new one.  I want a bigger one – 8’ x 10’ probably – but I can’t decide what color.  My initial thought has always been yellow.  But since the kitchen walls are a fun blue, I thought a multi-colored rug that ties in the yellow and blue OR a neutral (gray or cream?) might work better.
  • Update pictures in old blog posts.  Behind the scenes stuff that I just want to get done.

I guess it makes to add things to a list as I cross off other items.  I hope to get a lot of this done in the next few months so I’ll be checking in again to keep you updated (because I know everyone will be sitting on the edge of their seats!)

Until next time — Cindy


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