Nursery Planning

I’ve been dying to get started on the nursery!  I just want to buy everything now.  I’ve been reminded multiple times that I’m having a baby shower soon so I shouldn’t buy anything until we see what we get.  The rational part of me understands this.  The nesting part of me is being very impatient.

I’ve been brainstorming nursery ideas since we found out baby j is a girl and I just get so excited.

What we’re working with:

March 2015 empty nursery

March 2015 empty nursery

The nursery is painted “Golden Toast”, a gender-neutral color we picked when we bought the house.


(Image via) I am repeatedly drawn to this picture when trying to decide what colors I’d like in the nursery.  The colors are beautiful and girly without being pink.

The plan:

White furniture (crib, dresser that will double as a changing table & rocking chair).

Coral area rug.  Every time I look at the inspiration picture, the chevron fabric at the bottom screams “area rug” and I haven’t been able to think of anything except a coral area rug.

Peach, blue & coral accents in the decorations.

Woodland animals theme.  Cute foxes, owls, bunnies, and birds.  Adorable.

What we/I can’t make a decision on:

The color of the curtains.  My initial thought is something soft and neutral (maybe a light gray?) but I think color would be fun too (maybe pull in the blue or green from the inspiration picture?)

I’ve been really good about not buying anything.  We ventured into the baby aisles this past weekend, however, and found so many cute things.  I lost Forest at one point until I heard him excitedly say “Babe, come look at this!”  It was a woodland themed crib set and it was adorable.  And there was a matching mobile for above the crib.  At another point he was scoping out the infant clothes to find something with ‘Daddy’ on it.  And I learned that he will not be letting our baby wear tutu’s – they’re out of the question.  He had an opinion on every outfit and I loved every minute of it!  The one thing we had to buy was a hanging sign with the alphabet and the cutest little woodland animals.  It’s the first thing we’ve bought for the baby (besides the house, Forest always reminds me) and we both love it!  Eek!

March 2015 empty nursery

I want the nursery to be perfect for our little girl and I know it will all come together! :)

Until next time — Cindy


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