Forest Says – VOL. 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  Forest and I took a week-long vacation to the Midwest last week (for a wonderful baby shower in Indiana and our last long vacation until our baby girl is here!!) and I hadn’t planned ahead for the blog.  I had all of the pictures I needed but the posts weren’t written.  So while I attempt to catch up on laundry, find homes for our souvenirs, and pull together posts (the ones I should have written before plus new ones from our vacation), enjoy another round of Forest Says. I just love doing these!

In the middle of the night:

F: You can wear my dotted one if you’d like.  You’ll have to look for it though, girl.  …Pause… I think.


While signing papers when we bought the Traverse, the salesman walked away for another slice of pizza (it was a Saturday, the dealership had ordered pizzas, and our salesman kindly offered us lunch) and water:

C:  Should I take this pen? [Note: I am a pen hoarder but I wouldn’t have actually taken it.  Although I’m sure they have plenty.]

F:  They already gave us pizza.  Don’t be greedy.


While I was cuddling with Indie in the chair one evening:

F:  How are all of my girls doing?


As I grab my phone to take a picture while standing in the kitchen:

F: Yeah, it’s too bad your real camera isn’t nearby.

It was sitting on the counter right next to my phone…


To the TomTom as it was giving directions he didn’t want to follow:

F: Tom, I have nothing to say to you right now.


While discussing the location of the next rest area:

C: It mostly depends on how much baby girl continues to kick my bladder.

F:  Just don’t sneeze.

I can’t believe I added this one but it’s true folks, sneezes happen.  And when you’re pregnant with a full bladder, you want to avoid the sneezing.


While looking at the paper map at The Hermitage (the homestead of Andrew Jackson in Nashville):

F: Why doesn’t the ‘you are here’ thing update? *wink*


Talking to Indie about getting back into the routine of after-dinner-walks now that daylight savings gave us more sunlight:

F: We’ll be able to waddle mom around the neighborhood now that it won’t get dark so early!


As I’m trying on a new maternity shirt I bought (without trying on first) before work in the morning.  I was in the bedroom and Forest was in the living room:

C: Does it look like I’m wearing a tent?

F: [without hesitation] Yes.

C: Forest, you literally can’t even see me yet.

F: Oh I’m sorry.  Come closer, I was sleeping.

F:  Now what was the question?

C:  Does it look like I’m wearing a tent….?

F:  Oh.  I thought you were talking about your hair.  No.  You look good, babe.

C:  Thank you.  And ‘yes’ would not have been a good answer if I was talking about my hair.


If you’re interested, you can read past Forest Says posts here – VOL 4 / VOL 3 / VOL 2 / VOL 1.

Until next time — Cindy


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