52 Project 2015 [weeks 5-8]

I’m sharing weeks 5-8 in my 52 Project for 2015 today.

(If you’d like to catch up, you can read about how I decided to complete my project here, and you can check out weeks 1-4 here)

52 Project - 2015

^gender reveal & week 5

I decided to add our gender reveal picture into my 52 Project for 2015 because it’s such a big part of the year, and our lives!  You can see on the left side above that I have a post-it note to remind me what picture goes there.  I’ll have to print it with my next round of pictures.  The right side is week 5 – the week Indie got a new bed!

52 Project - 2015

^weeks 6 & 7

52 Project - 2015

^week 8

I’m realizing two things as I pull from the pictures I take each week: 1. there are SO many of Indie right now and 2. I take very similar pictures every week.  I really want to start thinking more creatively as I take pictures.  Is there a way to train my brain to think creatively?!

Until next time — Cindy


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