We’re on the homestretch!  I officially entered my 3rd trimester last Thursday (March 19 = 28 weeks) so we will be meeting our little girl before we know it!

finally felt little flutters at the beginning of February, around 21 weeks.  I actually wasn’t sure if they were kicks or if I was imagining things (or if it was gas…) but I had the same feeling several days in a row during my drive to work and while I was sitting at my desk at work.  Just a week or so later, Forest was able to feel little kicks.  He didn’t want to touch my belly at all but one night while we were watching tv on the couch he sat with his hand on my stomach.  When he actually felt a flutter he got so excited.  But wouldn’t put his hand back when there were even bigger kicks.  Goof.

The end of February brought restless nights.  I was always so uncomfortable trying to fall asleep and staying asleep for long never happened.  My hips hurt and ached like crazy while I was laying down and when I got up to use the restroom it took me forever to get moving.  I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg and I had terrible lower back pain.  I tried a bubble bath to relax one evening and it was relaxing (I’ve been thinking about taking them more often) but it didn’t help during the night.  A heating pad has worked wonders though.  I’ve used it many times in the evenings before bed, while I’m falling asleep (It has a timer so I’m not worried about it staying on too long), and in the mornings.

I think I’ve finally figured out the right ratio of pillows to use for support now though.  1 regular pillow folded between my legs, 1 small pillow under my belly to support it, 2 small pillows stacked behind my back so I can rest against them and not lay flat, 1 pillow for my head (obviously), and occasionally 1 small pillow to hug.  I’m actually not sure how Forest still has room… Sorry babe!  BUT, I’ve been sleeping for long stretches at a time without waking up and I’m actually able to move in the mornings.  I call that a victory.

We enjoyed a week-long vacation at the beginning of March.  I had a beautiful baby shower in Indiana (post coming soon!) and we feel so incredibly blessed that our little girl is already loved by so many.  We spent the majority of a week in Nashville and made pit stops in Louisville (Louisville Slugger Museum) and outside of Cincinnati (Creation Museum) on our way back home (posts coming soon!).

We haven’t mad much progress in the nursery except to put all of the gifts we received into piles.  It’s a very organized mess in there.  But we did order a dresser last week so that should be arriving next week.  Our first big purchase so far.  I wrote a post about our plans here if you’d like to see what we’re going for.

I’ve decided that our baby girl is going to be stubborn.  There were so many people that wanted to feel her move while we were in Indiana (namely the grandmothers) and every time they touched my belly, baby girl would stop moving.  Even if she had been kicking/rolling just seconds before.  She also always prefers to cover her head and/or face during ultrasounds.  It never fails.  She does have a very good heartbeat, though, and I LOVE hearing it at my month appointments.

I did the glucose test last week to check for gestational diabetes.  I’ve hear some stories that the drink is terrible but, to be honest, it was actually ok.  It was in a bottle, just a smidge smaller than a regular water bottle, and it was orange.  It tasted like a sweeter version of orange Gatorade.  I had 5 minutes to finish the drink and then I had to wait an hour for them to draw my blood.  The doctor at my regular appointment this week said I passed with flying colors.  Yay!

Speaking of my appointment this week… I had written in the calendar on my phone that my appointment was Monday, March 23 at 8:30 am.  I had been reminding Forest over the weekend because I didn’t want us to forget.  We head into the office bright at early Monday morning and as I’m checking in the receptionist asks my name and informs me that my appointment isn’t until Wednesday, March 25.  And that they didn’t even have a doctor in the office that day.  I was so embarrassed… I had a knot in my throat from holding back tears my whole way to work.  I realize it wasn’t a big deal at all but darn it pregnancy brain!

And since I mentioned pregnancy brain – oh my!  Sometimes I can’t remember people’s names.  People that are my friends.  Their names just suddenly don’t exist in my brain.  The same for regular, everyday words.  Specifically today I couldn’t think of the word ‘recommendation.’  I stared off into space in the middle of a conversation because I couldn’t think of it.  And, I booked an entry the wrong direction at work a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know how that happened (especially since my manager approves all of the entries I make…) but it happened and to top it off, the entry I made to correct it was backwards.  So embarrassing.  My manager even blamed it on the pregnancy!  And it’s fixed now, for sure, so no worries.

I’ve noticed that Indie is getting more cuddly with me recently.  Normally if Forest and I are both home, she’ll choose to follow Forest around the house but the past week or so she’s been choosing me.  My heart melts too cause it’s so adorable.  She’ll lay on the couch with me and put her head in my lap right next to the bump and she’ll lay down ON my feet while I’m standing still.

And let’s end this whole she-bang with some some bump pictures!  I feel like I reeeeeally popped during week 28.  I went to bed one night and the next day the bump was like BAM!  I really enjoy showing it off though.  I love it!

21-28 weeks

Until next time — Cindy


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