Thoughts on Thursday

Just some thoughts on this Thursday for you:

-I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday during my lunch and a guy (I would guess 18, maybe 20 years old) held the door open for me.  It’s not something I experience every day (yes, Forest does open the door for me but I feel like a younger gentleman opening the door is a rare occurrence) and I thought it was exceptionally sweet.

-I just ordered a new book (this one) so I can officially learn to use Lightroom.  I’ve been making due with the short tutorials I’ve watched but I’m excited to get more comfortable using it.

-I’ve been taking so many pictures this week.  I feel like every time I turn around I see something that needs photographed.  It’s probably the warmer weather that’s allowing us to venture outside that has me excited to pick up my camera everyday.

-The weather is supposed to be beautiful today so I’m hoping we can take a family walk after dinner tonight.

-It’s April.  Holy cow.

-I’ve noticed that my feet are swelling in the evenings.  I know I’m pregnant but it’s not like I’m on my feet all day.  I guess it just comes with the 30-weeks-pregnant territory.

-Forest is getting closer to the end of his school semester.  His class ends April 17th and he’s [impatiently] counting down the days!

-We finally got our bums in gear with the shelves in the kitchen.  Forest was a mad-man over the weekend (his last completely free weekend until his class is done) and checked off several to-do items for the kitchen shelves.  He spray painted the hardware we’re using and just yesterday finished staining the wood.  I’m so excited to post about them once they’re up!

-The dresser we ordered for the nursery arrived Tuesday and we assembled it that night.  We measured to make sure it would fit in the room, and it does, but it seems to take up a lot of real estate.  I guess we didn’t realize how small the room actually was until we started filling it.  Everything will fit just fine.  It’ll just be cozy.

-And I want to paint the knobs to the dresser drawers.

-We met our friends’ baby over the weekend: Andrew “Drew” David.  What a sweetie-pie!  He spit-up on Forest a couple times but he’ll have to get used to that anyway.

-I’ve gone through our vacation pictures but I haven’t edited them yet.  I’m looking forward to doing that so I can get a post up soon.

-Speaking of posts, I posted about my lovely baby shower from the beginning of the month.  You can read it here.

-My go-to outfit when I get home from work is any pair of yoga pants + old navy tank top + comfortable hoodie. It’s the best.

-I wish my go-to outfit was acceptable to wear to work….

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Until next time — Cindy


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