a wonderful weekend

This weekend was the kind that I wish we could just stay in.  The kind that doesn’t end.  Forest, at one point, told me to just soak it all in and I did.  I enjoyed every second of our beautiful weekend.  So, for our future selves, I’m going to record it here.

Friday – Good Friday.  My manager said we could leave early if we wanted to so I happily skipped out at 3:45 instead of my usual 5:00.  I stopped by a few stores on my way home: I bought a skirt for Easter, a few short sleeve maternity shirts, and a super comfortable zip-up hoodie that I want to wear every single day, a picture frame for a print I bought at the Grand Ole Opry, and coral craft paint.

I got home at 5:00, we made pizza (Friday night, pizza night) and played in the backyard with Indie for a while.  We headed to the movies at 7:30 to see Furious 7.  I cried multiple times during the movie, I wasn’t ashamed.  And I’m pretty sure I would have cried just as much if I wasn’t pregnant and hormonal.

Saturday – we ‘slept in’ till our usual 7:00 am wake-up whine from Indie.  With cereal for breakfast and a movie on tv we lounged around for a little bit until Forest went outside to finish draining the pool, feed and water the yard, and put the final polyurethane coat on the kitchen shelves.  I painted the dresser drawer knobs coral at some point in the morning.  We had PB&J for lunch followed by an eye appointment for me and a trip to Target afterwards.  We were on the hunt for a rocker/glider in the nursery and didn’t find one at Target but we didn’t leave empty-handed.  We found an area rug and curtains for the nursery.  We debated the curtains for the longest time before going with our first pick.  Forest hung the curtains and un-rolled the rug that evening.  I’ll be posting about our progress soon.

We had brinner for dinner – biscuits and gravy with sausage.  YUM.  And enjoyed a nice, although really windy and chilly, walk around the neighborhood.  Forest made brownies for dessert and he watched tv while I dug into this book that I ordered to help me understand Lightroom.

Sunday – Easter Sunday.  Resurrection Day.  We went to the 8:30 am service at church, like we always do.  The ensemble they had singing sounded beautiful and the songs they chose were perfect.  I’m so thankful that He is risen!  I was sent a picture of our nephew, Chansler, in his Easter outfit.  (I wish I could squish those cheeks more often!)  We finished and hung our kitchen shelves (you’ll see a post later this week) and spent most of the afternoon outside.  It was still so windy but the sunshine was perfect.  We just sat in the swing while Indie sniffed around the backyard and played with her toys.  We FaceTimed with my parents for a little bit before we dyed a few Easter eggs and then spent some more time outside before we headed out for dinner.  Forest chose Texas Road House and it was so good, especially their red raspberry lemonade.  We had very meaningful conversations about raising our children and some light-hearted moments talking about bowling and co-workers.  It was perfect, the two of us.  We ended the evening FaceTiming with Forest’s parents, Forest attaching the drawer knobs on the dresser, and watching the season opener baseball game Cardinals @ Cubs.  I went to bed before the game was over (I always do…) but the Cardinals won!

It seems so mundane written out like this but it was one of those weekends that I don’t want to forget.  And maybe, when I’ve been up for too many hours with a sweet little baby in my arms, I can re-read this weekend and remember how beautiful it was and look forward to the countless other weekends that will become just as mundane and memorable.

Until next time — Cindy


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