Kitchen update – DIY Shelving

We did it!  Which actually isn’t true.  The truth is Forest did it!  He made my shelves and they’re on the walls!

Several months ago (probably in September or October…) I showed him the picture below and asked if we could recreate the idea for one of our kitchen walls.  He liked the look of the shelves so we started planning.

Image via this blog.

We got a Lowe’s gift card for Christmas and used all of it (plus some) for the hardware in January.  (Yes, we’ve had a bag of hardware sitting in the kitchen waiting for 3 months.)  This is what we bought: 4 each of the galvanized floor flanges, pipes, and caps.

DIY Industrial Shelves

Two weekends ago Forest must have caught my ‘get-it-done/spring cleaning’ bug because he was ready to knock out all kinds of projects.  He spray painted the hardware we purchased so instead of the dull, silver color they were now shiny, hammered black.

DIY Industrial Shelves

DIY Industrial Shelves

But we didn’t have the lumber yet.  We would look at lumber every time we went to Lowe’s but kept making excuses and never actually purchased anything.   But two weekends ago Forest ran to Lowe’s and came home with grass feed and lumber!  The width of the board could only be 7.5 inches (the same width from the floor flange on the pipe to the knob) but the only boards available were 8 inches or 6 inches wide.  Forest picked the 8”x2”x8’ board and had the guy at Lowe’s cut it in half.  When he got it home, he marked and cut off 1 inch so the width of the board was 7 inches, a much better fit for the width the pipes would allow.

Last week he sanded, stained and sealed both sides of the two boards.  We already had the stain and polyurethane from our DIY desk in the den so we had no extra expenses there.

DIY Industrial Shelves

After church on Easter Sunday, he hauled the boards inside (he’s been doing all of the smelly work and letting everything dry in the shed) and grabbed the screw gun and laser level.  He had already marked the studs on the wall the night before so we just had to decide the height of each shelf.

DIY Industrial Shelves

DIY Industrial Shelves

We knew we wanted the shelves staggered so they would take up more of the wall but we totally eye-balled the height of each one.  Then Forest screwed the pipes into the studs, placed the boards on top of the pipes, and we stood back in gawked at how beautiful they looked.

DIY Industrial Shelves

Seriously.  Is it normal to be so impressed with your husband’s DIY skills?  I love love love the shelves.  And I love love LOVE my husband for executing my idea just from looking at a picture.

I corralled all of the items I have been hoarding for months specifically for the kitchen shelves and started throwing things up there.  This is what we have right now (via phone picture):


It’s nothing fancy and I wish I had real flowers in the vase up top but I just worked with what we had.  I think it brings the perfect touch of spring to the kitchen.  And I may or may not be planning how they can be re-decorated for every season and holiday – it’s going to be so much fun!

Until next time — Cindy


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