And the winner is….


For the second year in a row I’ve managed to win our March Madness brackets!

This is definitely going to be something we do every year.  Well, as long as I keep up my winning streak.

Forest just happened to pick the wrong upsets in the first few rounds so he didn’t really have a chance to make up any points at the end, especially since we had the same teams playing in the championship game and the exact same team winning.  He was pretty bummed he lost but mentioned that maybe I should start entering pools and winning some money for my good picks.  Ha!

The main point is that Forest will be on poopy-diaper-duty for a whole week in just a few weeks.  He’s pretty good about learning new things quickly, though, so I’m not too worried for him.  I’ll just make sure to have my camera nearby in case there are any messy mishaps. :)

Love you, babe!  Better luck next year!

Until next time — Cindy


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