Forest Says – VOL. 6

I’m thisclose to finishing a post about our trip to Nashville, Louisville & the Creation Museum from last month.  I just have to add pictures!  Maybe that will get done tonight.  I have high hopes.

In the meantime, enjoy another volume of Forest says!


In the middle of the night:

F: A plane just took off.  Did you see it, babe?


In a text during the day:

F: I just want you to know that I’ve been in a good mood all day!  Idk why.  Like I’m not usually in a bad mood, but I’m noticeably more chipper today!


A Thursday morning before work:

C:  I’m wearing jeans today because I don’t have work pants that are clean… or that I want to wear.

A text later in the morning after I got to work:

F: you inspired me to wear jeans today.


F:  I don’t know how people say you don’t look 7 months pregnant.  I mean you’re like bam.


In the middle of the night:

F:  Indie Lyyyyyynn… [Rolls over to face me]  Is everything ok?

C:  Yes, you’re the one who woke me up…

F:  I’m sorry.  I was just afraid she’d jump on the counter

He did not remember this conversation the next morning.  Indie’s middle name is Mavis so I had already assumed he wouldn’t remember anything since he called her Indie Lynn.


A text after lunch:



As I walked through the living room to put my ice cream bowl in the sink:

F: aheeeeeeem cough cough cough [points to his bowl]


As we were browsing through Buy Buy Baby:

F:  I’m really diggin’ the fox thing.

He melts into a puddle at anything woodland themed with foxes for the nursery


Talking about my hair:

F:  You kinda went from a bun to a rooster tail.

Later in the day:

F:  I kinda like your rooster tail.


While watching the end of The Rookie on tv, when Dennis Quaid’s character comes out onto the field to pitch:

F:  I just got goose bumps.

C:  chuckle & grin

F:  What?  This is a great movie!


During our Sunday afternoon meal planning for the week:

F:  And Friday will be ‘F yourself’ since you have girls night.

We usually designate nights that one of us won’t be home for dinner FFY = fend for yourself.  Yes, I did write ‘F yourself’ for Friday’s dinner. ;)


In the middle of the night:

F:  I can handle this.  Yeah, I’m sure.  I’m a cop.  Well at least as a side job.


If you’re interested, you can read past Forest Says posts here – VOL 5VOL 4 / VOL 3 / VOL 2 / VOL 1.

Until next time — Cindy


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