How We Shared the Pregnancy News

As we’re nearing the end of this pregnancy (hello 32 weeks!), I realized I never shared about how we told our families.  This is a little wordy but it’s such a good story!

We announced our pregnancy to our families with a BIG surprise.  I was expected to arrive at the Indianapolis airport the evening of Nov 2 to spend time with my mom and dad that week.  My mom had a chemo treatment on Nov 3 and I was going to help out a bit/visit until Nov 6.

Forest and I already knew we were (I was?) pregnant and we had an early ultrasound done at 7 weeks.  We had been trying to find the perfect way to announce to our parents, siblings, and grandparents that we were pregnant (sending something in the mail, just blurting it out during a Google+ chat, we didn’t know) but Forest kept finding videos of couples surprising their families in person and he decided then and there that we had to do it in person.

I made each of us a t-shirt with iron-on letters.  Mine said “The Bump” on my belly with a heart around it.  And Forest’s said “The Man Behind the Bump” across his chest.

So on Nov 1 (after chatting with my parents a few days before and sending them “flight info”), Forest and I packed up the car with a bag each, a case of water, and the pup for a 12 hour drive to Indiana.  We pulled into my parent’s neighborhood and drove by their house to see if anyone was home.  Both cars were there and the living room light was on – good signs.  We did a loop around the neighborhood and parked just down the street from their house.  We were both so stinkin’ nervous!   We hopped out, put the leash on Indie, and made our way (very creeper/stalker like) up to the door and knocked.  My mom answered the door with a puzzled look on her face and then gave us both the biggest hugs asking “What are you two doing here?!”  After she was done hugging, she stepped back and I asked her if she liked my shirt.  She read it, then looked and Forest and read his shirt, then read mine one more time for good measure and squealed with excitement!  Dad was in the backyard with a bonfire going so mom called him in because “someone knocked on the door.”  He came in, headed for the door and found us standing in the living room sporting our shirts.  He gave a quiet little “oh no” and we each got big hugs.  Nailed it!  After answering their questions (how do you feel, when are you due, how long have you known) and them meeting Indie, we headed to Forest’s parent’s house.

We pulled onto their street, saw both of their vehicles and another van parked outside.  The barn/shed lights were on too so we were worried that Forest’s dad was working in there.  We parked down the street, both nervous as ever again, hopped out of the car, sneaked by the barn and tried to go in the back door because Forest said “It’ll be unlocked and we can just walk right in.”  It wasn’t unlocked.  So we knocked and Forest’s mom answered the door with a look of shock on her face and arms open wide for hugs.  Forest stepped back and asked “We wanted you to see the shirts we made” and after reading Forest’s shirt, then mine, and Forest’s again she yelled “You’re pregnant?!?!” and we got more hugs.  We walked into the house where Forest’s dad read our shirts and then threatened that he would hurt us if we were joking.  After we assured him we weren’t, we both got big hugs.  Nailed it again!

Forest couldn’t wait another second to tell Robbie (best friend/practically brother, neighbor) so Forest’s dad called Robbie to have him help move something in the house.  When Robbie walked in the house Forest and  I were standing there with our shirts and after a moment of reading our shirts we both got hugs.  Yay!

We surprised Forest’s sister Amanda the next morning after church.  She walked into their parent’s house to – you can probably guess this – us standing there in our shirts!

We went to my brother and his girlfriend’s house after that to surprise them with our shirts and they were both shocked too.  I think they both said “nu-uh” when they read our shirts.  hehe.  Chansler’s going to a have a cousin 13 months younger than him!

We surprised our grandparents by showing up at their houses proudly wearing our shirts!  Forest’s grandpa didn’t quite understand so we had to explain but he chuckled after he understood.  And my grandma read each of our shirts 3 times before she rubbed my belly and asked if this meant I was pregnant.

Forest and Indie left the next morning for a 12 hour drive back to New Jersey but he agrees that the shortest trip in the world was totally worth seeing the looks on our families faces.

Until next time — Cindy


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