Weekend recap

We had another productive weekend.  We’ve been having these pretty regularly and I love it!

On Friday night we didn’t do much.  We ordered the stroller that we’ve been wanting and a glider for the nursery.  We had a 10% off + free shipping so we jumped at the chance.  We could never find the stroller we want in the color we like so we decided to stop running around and just order it online.  I’m so excited for it to get here.  And for the glider too!  It’s the last ‘big’ purchase for the nursery so once it’s in the room everything will feel like it’s coming together.  Forest assembled the diaper genie while I hung some picture frames in the nursery.  We finally opened up the diaper bags we got as gifts and I started to toss some things in them.  And we spent the rest of the evening lounging in the living room.

Saturday morning I took Forest on a breakfast date because I was really craving waffles from my favorite spot, The Turning Point.  We didn’t have plans for after lunch but Forest threw out the idea to stop by Lowe’s for flowers so we could plant some in our back yard.  After browsing all of our options we left Lowe’s with a couple varieties of colorful annuals, a perennial that will bloom every spring and throughout the summer, a dwarf spruce tree, and a lilac bush.  We also picked up soil to fill in our flowerbeds and mulch.  We spent the next several hours digging holes and planting flowers in the warm sunshine.  Forest made the comment that he really enjoyed doing this kind of yard work and I completely agreed.  We didn’t know what the heck we were doing but it was fun to do it together!  I’m pretty sure I napped on the couch for a little bit while Forest watched baseball and we ordered pizza for dinner.  Delicious!

I took Forest on a breakfast date so i could get waffles. :) #TurningPoint



Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling the best but after church and lunch, Forest ran to Home Depot to get a few landscaping pavers for the backyard while I read a book in the backyard and watched Indie run around.  Sunday was our nephew’s first birthday party which killed me that we were missing but we got to FaceTime for just a little bit so we could say hi!  After a trip to the grocery store and dinner, we took a short walk around the neighborhood.  It might have been short but I love our little family walks.  Forest took some time to turn the sprinklers on and figure out which ones we need to use.  [Our front yard is looking rough…]  And then we installed the car seat!  We obviously still have some time (I’m only 34 weeks) but we figured it’s better to have it ready to go than scrambling at the last minute to get it installed.

Forest had a softball game last night – the first one I’ve been able to go to – and we took Indie.  She did really well, I think.  I might have gotten tired and grumpy towards the end of the game and then I pouted because I didn’t really see that much of the game because Indie wanted to meet all.the.people. but it was fun!  And I’m looking forward to taking our baby girl during the summer.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the baby AND the dog at once but we’ll see!

I hope your weekend was beautiful!

Until next time — Cindy


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