Happy Birthday!

Chansler Ace, the cutest nephew in the history of nephew’s, turned ONE today!  I can’t believe it!

One year ago we were welcoming you into the world and gazing into your baby blues and look at you now!  You’re an independent little guy who walks wherever he wants, you babble like crazy (unless you’re FaceTiming with me and Uncle Forest), you still have the chubbiest cheeks that I wish I could smother with kisses everyday, and you’ve got the whole family wrapped around your little fingers.  We love you so, so much, chunk-a-munk!

wpid-img_20140507_224347.jpg Chansler2 Chansler_12May14-5 Chansler_12May14-8




Cell phone pics - Chansler 2 months

Because I miss those squishy cheeks! #Chansler #BabyBearHat #lionjacket #steaknshake

I can't handle the cuteness! I wish i could squish those cheeks! #Chansler

Until next time — Aunt Cindy


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