Pregnancy Update!

So my last pregnancy update was at 28 weeks and I just entered 35 weeks!  And I actually don’t feel like I have much of an update.  It seems like the weeks are taking longer now though.  I guess I’m just getting more excited for a few things:  1. Maternity leave that starts in a little over 1 week and 2.  Meeting our baby!

The biggest update since my last post is that the sweetest friend threw a surprise baby shower for me!  The set up:  We have a girl’s night one Friday a month so I assumed I was going to the regularly planned girl’s night.  Especially since the Facebook group we’re all a member of said that girl’s night would be April 17th.  Needless to say, when I walked into a house FULL of ladies that I know and love, I was speechless.  And then I blushed.  A lot.  And the room was really hot for a while.  I’m not used to being the center of attention for anything but this was just the best surprise.  Forest was actually in on the surprise!  He’s so good at keeping secrets like this (i.e. I didn’t know Mark was proposing to Katie when they came to visit a couple years ago)!  I was so incredibly blessed by all of the ladies that came!  The dinner was delicious, the giant carrot cake cupcakes were beyond amazing, and the ladies themselves are so loved!  Everyone that came brought their favorite children’s book and signed the inside which is perfect because we were already planning to put book shelves in the nursery.  Now we have beautiful books to fill them!

Forest and I finally purchased a glider for the nursery and the stroller we want.  We had to order them online over the weekend but we had a 10% off coupon and got free shipping!  We also installed the car seat in the Traverse (who we affectionately named Fred.  The Traverse is Fred, not the car seat).  We were told that the local fire department will check that it’s installed correctly so we’ll probably stop by at some point in the next few weeks.

The nursery is coming together!  We have the area rug and dresser and Forest put all of the stuffed animals on a shelf we have on one wall.  I hung some picture frames and decorations over the weekend.  I still want to get some more decorative things and we still need a small table for next to the glider but it’s getting there!  We have so many clothes, blankets and burp cloths to wash but I’m looking forward to it so I can put everything in the dresser drawers and closet.  I want to post progress pictures soon!

I had an ultrasound last week to check our baby girl’s growth and afterwards the Dr. told us the gender hasn’t changed.  Which is good news and really ironic news because just that morning I was thinking “What would happen if they got the gender wrong and our baby is a boy but we have everything for a girl?!”  I guess I don’t have to worry about that now!

Sleep has been terrible again lately and I’ve had a few eh/blah days recently but I really can’t complain about much else which I am so, so thankful for.  We went on a walk around the neighborhood Sunday night and I was walking faster than Indie.  She must not be a fan of the heat because she was s.l.o.w. but I really like our family walks.

I’m still eating cereal as my evening snack.  I noticed last night that my feet are starting to swell and they were all day at work even though I tried keeping them propped up under my desk.  I’ll just have to make sure I wear my most comfortable shoes from now on.  Maternity leave starts next week!  I’m taking as much time off as I’m allowed so I can rest, get things ready, and stock up on sleep (if only that were possible!).

Pictures?  Yep!  Check out my growing bump!

28-34 weeks

Until next time — Cindy


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