Two weeks ago & One week from today

Two weeks ago I started my maternity leave and I’ve been so thankful for this time away from work, before the baby comes, to unwind, relax, and run errands.  So what have I been up to?

  • Naps.  They don’t happen every day (contrary to what Forest believes) but if I’m feeling a little sleepy in the afternoon there isn’t anything stopping me from a short nap.  I took more those first few days than I have recently but the option is always available.
  • Errands.  Mostly buying last-minutes items for the nursery.  I have a short list of items I want to buy to pack in our hospital bag as well.
  • Visiting.  My parents stayed with us last week!  They went to Virginia Beach for a wedding over the weekend and then spent the rest of the week with us.  Normally we only get to see visitors after work during the week but I got to spend all day with them for 4 days!  And I put them to work – they painted the nursery closet white for us, they painted the desk legs black (I’ve been wanting to paint them for months), they went grocery shopping with me, and they went to IKEA (their first time!) and other stores to get things for the nursery.  We got to use our new patio furniture while they were here one evening too!  I loved that time with them.
  • Doctor appointments.  Starting with week 36, I’ve had a regular doctor appointment every week.  Nothing too exciting to share with that.  But I’ve also had to go to labor and delivery at the hospital every Friday for a non-stress test (NST) to make sure the baby’s heartbeat increases when she moves.  Every week’s test has been smooth sailing.
  • Laundry.  I have been washing countless loads of baby clothes, burp cloths, blankets and bibs.  Forest has helped fold a couple loads and every time he is amazed at how small the clothes are!
  • Evening walks.  At least a couple times a week we take a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner.  This week Forest said they’ve been more of a stroll, not even close to a normal walking pace, but I still enjoy them.
  • Struggling with sleep.  Yeah… not everything has been wonderful.  I wake up multiple times to use the bathroom and oftentimes have trouble falling back to sleep because I can’t get comfortable.  Last night I actually had to move out to the couch so I could sleep in more of a sitting up/reclining position rather than laying on my side.  I think this has been my biggest (and hopefully only) complaint recently.
  • Preparing.  Packing a hospital bag, trying to figure out what I’ll wear after that baby is here (aka buying dresses and skirts so the summer heat will be a little bearable), reading a book to help cherish the first few months with a newborn, etc.
  • Praying.  We’ve been praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy since we found out we were pregnant and that hasn’t changed but I’ve added a few other prayers to my list as well.  Things like a healthy delivery, for the baby to flip (I’ll explain more later), for the Lord to prepare mine and Forest’s hearts to be parents, and for patience among many other things.

So I mentioned that we’ve been praying for the baby to flip.  She’s been a little bit stubborn since the beginning of the pregnancy.  At our first ultrasounds, she covered her head with her hands and feet so the technician and doctor couldn’t get all of the measurements they needed.  I had an ultrasound done at 34 weeks and the doctor said baby girl was measuring a little bit small but nothing to be concerned about.  He did recommend having a non-stress test done every week (I mentioned that above) and everything has been ok.  At my 36 week appointment, the doctor did an ultrasound to see if the baby was head down like she should be or breech.  Not surprisingly, she was breech and she has been since that appointment.  We currently have a c-section scheduled for Friday, June 5th.  In exactly 1 week we will be holding out baby girl for the first time.  Unless, of course, she manages to flip to a head down position and I go into labor naturally before that.  We’re praying that she flips but we know that what’s most important is for a healthy baby and mom.

That’s what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks!  Nothing overwhelmingly exciting but extremely exciting at the same time.  We can’t believe we’ll be meeting our baby girl in a week’s time!

Until next time — Cindy


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