Peyton’s Birth Story

I mentioned in this post that I was scheduled for a c-section on June 5th because baby girl was breech.  I was prepared for a week of dr appointments (different Drs for different reasons, all related to the pregnancy) but my first dr appointment on June 1st threw us for a loop.  It was a sonogram to measure the baby’s size since she had always been measuring small.  The dr told us she was still measuring small and that, since she was also still breech, my c-section would probably be moved up… To tomorrow (June 2nd).


We were preparing for June 5th, not June 2nd! What did we still have to do? What do we stil need to buy?  Are we actually ready to be parents? So many thoughts were racing through our heads…

We had everything we needed, we called our parents, we finished packing our bags, and we looked at each other with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Peyton's delivery day

^my last pregnant picture, before we left for the hospital

The next morning we headed to the hospital early.  We were told to enter through the emergency room and they directed us to labor and delivery.  Forest’s mom was with us so she stayed in the waiting area as Forest and I went back.  A really nice nurse took us to a room where I changed, was hooked up to a monitor for the baby, had fluids started in an IV and talked to a nurse about the whole cesarean process.  My doctor came in with an ultrasound machine just to make sure baby girl hadn’t flipped in the night.  We weren’t surprised that she was still breech.  We met the anesthesiologist who explained the spinal I would be getting and then we were told there was an unplanned c-section earlier that morning so they were running behind.

I remember soon after that I started shaking – I was so nervous! – and the only thing that would calm me down was Forest rubbing my shoulders (I love that man).

cell phone hospital pics

cell phone hospital pics

I was scheduled for a 10 am c-section and they wheeled me back to the operating room at 10:30.  Forest changed into his scrubs at this point while I was being prepped.  I feel like everything from this point on happened so quickly and almost simultaneously that it’s still really weird to wrap my brain around.  I sat on the table and the anesthesiologist numbed me (which hurt more than I had prepared), did the spinal, and started hooking me up to monitors.  The nurse helped me lay back as my feet and legs got heavy and warm almost instantly.  I remember another nurse counting out loud at the other end of the room and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing (I realized later, as they were ‘putting me back together’ that she was counting again so I only assume she was confirming they had the same number of instruments before and after the surgery).  The 2 doctors doing the procedure came in and said hello as the nurses and anesthesiologist set up the sheet in front of my face.  There was a radio playing music on a table not far from me and one of the nurses told me that everyone – the doctors and nurses – would be talking socially and that was a good sign.

I knew at this point, since the sheet was up, that the doctors were poking me with sharp instruments to make sure the spinal had worked (a nurse warned me ahead of time about what they were doing) but I didn’t feel anything.  It was so.weird.  Forest was finally allowed to come into the room at this point.  The anesthesiologist yelled at him to not touch anything blue – as if Forest had a look in his eye that he wanted to – and Forest sat next to my head on my left side and held my hand during the whole thing.

During the procedure I didn’t feel any pain but I could feel the doctors moving things around inside of me.  It was so strange.  It didn’t hurt but I could feel pressure and a lot of tugging.  We got an update from the doctors after about 10 minutes that they had reached the uterus and then a few minutes later they told Forest to stand up if he wanted to see baby girl coming out, which he did.  One of the nurses said baby girl had a cute little bottom.  And then they lowered the sheet for me to see her just after she was delivered.

At 11:15 am on June 2, 2015, our little girl Peyton Elizabeth was born weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and measuring 18 inches long.

cell phone hospital pics

They whisked her away quickly and the nicest nurse ever, Michelle, took Forest to see her getting weighed and cleaned. I felt like he was gone for the longest time.  The doctors were discussing golf, wine and cheese and I started feeling nauseous as they were ‘putting me back together’ so I told the anesthesiologist who gave me something in my IV.  It didn’t seem to help.  Forest came back around to my head and nurse Michelle followed holding Peyton.  Nurse Michelle was being so sweet and congratulating me and offering to take our first picture but by this point I was on the verge of tossing my cookies so we missed out on that.  The anesthesiologist gave me another shot of something in my IV and it still didn’t seem to help at all.  I felt terrible and I could feel A LOT of tugging and pulling in my midsection – I would have sworn they had cut me straight up the middle and were fishing around in there.  Forest went with Peyton to the nursery while they finished with me and wheeled me to recovery.

Once I was in recovery, Forest came to see me.  I will always love seeing his face.  He told me what he could about Peyton but I just wanted to see and hold her for myself.  Nurse Michelle brought her from the nursery and the next few hours were a blur.  I remember nursing Peyton and talking with Forest and nurses checking on me to see how I felt.  After two hours I could move my legs and lift my bum off of the bed so we sent Peyton back to the nursery for her bath.  Almost two hours after that (a nurse removed the IV line that I already had and 3 nurses couldn’t find a place to put a new one..) I was finally moved to our own postpartum room where Forest was waiting with Peyton.

cell phone hospital pics

Peyton's delivery day

We stayed in the hospital for the next 4 nights.  We spent our days resting and visiting with family and friends that came by.  We spent our evenings cuddling our sweet little baby.

cell phone hospital pics

cell phone hospital pics

cell phone hospital pics

cell phone hospital pics

Peyton's delivery day

Peyton's delivery day

We kept Peyton with us in our room for 3 of the 4 nights.  On the 3rd night, Forest went to the nursery to get a pacifier for Peyton (she was being a fussy little thing) and he said that the nursery was overflowing with babies!  On the 4th night, Peyton was being fussy even after I had nursed her and changed her diaper.  My nurse for that night came in to check on us and asked if we wanted Peyton to go to the nursery.  I said yes and then I woke up Forest to tell him and cried my eyes out because I felt like a terrible mom.  I went to get her after 4 hours of sleep and the nurse in the nursery said she had been sound asleep since she got there.  Of course.  We were released on Saturday morning and couldn’t wait to get home!

cell phone hospital pics

Life since then has been a wonderful whirlwind!  Peyton is 3 weeks old now.  Please don’t ask me how.  I told you it’s been a whirlwind.  But it’s been beautiful and every day I thank God that He blessed us with such a precious gift.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


One thought on “Peyton’s Birth Story

  1. Cindy ,

    Peyton birth story is beautiful !! I was so worried waiting in the waiting room to hear how you was and little Peyton was doing. It was like the longest morning to mid afternoon in my life. I was so close but didn’t know anything for so long. I was pacing back and forth in the room , I’m sure there is path in the waiting room from but when I finally saw little Peyton the waiting was worth IT !! and making sure you was ok after delivery made the day amazing J I thank God for blessing us a very precious little girl.

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