Forest Says – VOL. 7

QUICK UPDATE ON LIFE-  It’s been crazy!  A good kind of crazy, of course.  Peyton is 4 weeks old today (!!) and we’ve just been going through the motions of making sure she’s fed, healthy and happy. Forest went back to work last week so I’ve been ‘juggling’ taking care of Peyton and actually getting dressed at some point during the day.  I’ve been recovering from my ceserean really well.  Some days I’m more sore than others but overall I feel really good.  Forest has been awesome with taking care of us – changing diapers, cooking dinner, playing with Indie, hanging out in the nursery with me while I feed Peyton, dealing with my occasional cry sessions (thanks hormones!), and overall being the best husband and daddy ever.  Posting has been light recently but I hope to find a good routine so I can start posting regularly again (I did post about Indie’s 1st BirthdayPeyton’s delivery and Forest’s first Father’s Day).  Although Indie has a terrible habit of barking at me whenever I’m sitting at the desk so I’ll have to either deal with that or figure out how to make her stop… Either way, enjoy the funny moments below.


At Babies R Us as he’s getting down a stroller box and it lands on his toes:

F:  Good job big toe!


As I get back into bed after using the bathroom in the middle of the night:

F: Are you alright babe?

C:  Yeah.

F: [mumbles something]

C: What’s wrong?

F: Oh it’s only 2 o’clock.  Thank God.  I thought it was time to get up.


In a text:

F: I may or may not have ate some of your potato salad with lunch, and I may or many be craving it and ready to eat it for dinner.  So you may or may not have made really good potato salad.  But I guess I’m not sure.


At an ultrasound at the beginning of May we were told that baby girl is measuring a little small but nothing to be concerned about.

F: I guess you should eat more protein.  No cereal and more chicken.

C:  Chicken for breakfast?

F:  Breakfast, dinner and your snack!


Conversation through text:

C: To do tonight: order flowers.  Liked to do tonight: look at chairs for the den, study Lightroom, watch survivor, run to target.

F: To do tonight: take off pants.  order flowers.  do nothing (play video game??)


Conversation through text:

C: Should I mail our state return certified or just mail is regularly and save $3?

F: Certify that shiz bruh!


In the middle of the night:

F (shouting): You mean to tell me that only the owner and his immediate family can use the gun range?  That is ridiculous!

C (actually waking him up):  Forest, are you ok?  What are you shouting about?

F:  I was just… um… I just wanted to know if anyone could use it…


A random text:

F:  Do you ever wonder what cheerios are?  We just eat them everyday but idk what it’s made of. haha.  Could be a ring of squishy cat litter?  Haha!  Idk why I’m thinking of this


As he’s folding newborn clothes that I just washed, before Peyton was born:

F:  How can you look at these little baby clothes and not smile?


A day or two after we get home from the hospital, I wake him up in the middle of the night to tell him I’m afraid to go to sleep because I want to hear if Peyton spits up:

F:  There are plenty of people here babe.  I think we’ve got it covered.


In the middle of the night as I’m laying Peyton in the bassinet after nursing:

F:  What’s the word coach?  Am I in or am I out?

C:  Are you talking to me babe?

F:  So you need me in that last D-spot down there or not?

C:  Babe… Are you talking to me?

F (clearly frustrated):  Yes!  You asked a question and I just spoke words didn’t I?

C:  But I don’t know what you mean by D-spot….

F:  nevermind then.  *huffs and rolls away from me*


Until next time — Cindy


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