I’ve been working a post for the past 2 weeks and I just never sit down to finish it.  So today, instead of finishing that post, I’m going to share a couple pictures of what we’ve been up to recently.  Most of these are just straight of out my Canon camera.

Peyton & Mommy

P first bottle

P first bottle (2)

^Peyton’s first bottle – such a precious moment between daddy & daughter



backyard AM sunshine

^enjoying the morning sun peeking through the trees

P & I napping

P & I napping

P & I napping

P & I napping

P & I napping

^clearly I was disturbing her nap time

P & I napping

^guess who caught me trying to sneak of picture of her sleeping!

Life has been so good recently!  Peyton has her fussy-time from 7-10 most nights but we’ve figured out how to calm her down.  She’s not really napping more than 20 min between feedings during the day (except for right now we’re going on an hour of sleep!!).  Her big, beautiful eyes make up for it though.  She’s been cooing alot more and it’s so adorable.  Forest comes home for lunch everyday so we get to hang out with him for a little bit every afternoon.  I had my 6-week postpartum appointment and everything went well – I’ve been released to do all normal activities.  I’ve even gone out a couple times just Peyton & I – to Kmart and to a Mom’s fellowship around the pool at a friend’s house!  We’ve [obviously] had a lot of family visiting recently which has been so nice.  Of course they all come for Peyton!  Besides all of that, I just thank God every day for the precious little bundle he’s given us.  She’s the apple of our eyes and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Until next time — Cindy


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