Our grass is greener

I just wanted to share the transformation that happened in our backyard.

When we bought our house in March last year, we had an above ground pool.  We didn’t want a pool. I actually think NO POOL was on our wish list while house hunting but we liked this house that much so we didn’t mind the pool.  And this is what our yard looked like then:

backyard-April 2014

It took us a couple weeks to get it running and clean but we used the pool a handful of times through the summer and Forest made sure it stayed clean. He actually spent more time getting leaves and debris out than he did swimming and enjoying it but that’s beside the point.

When summer ended, we threw the tarp back on top, disconnected the pump and called it closed. Just as winter was ending, Forest noticed that the aluminum siding near the intake was really rusty and just a few days later it started buckling. Since we didn’t want a pool to begin with, we knew it was time to tear it down. Our friend Dave came over one evening in the spring (actually, it was the same night my girlfriends had a surprise baby shower for me) to help Forest take it down and he hauled the aluminum away for us.

So began the process of Forest moving all the plants and rocks that had been around the pool. It actually didn’t take him too long. A couple hours a night spread out of a week and he was done. I did my fair share of supervising since I was 8 months pregnant.

And then it was time for dirt. Just a couple days after we got home from the hospital after having Peyton, Forest called around to get prices for the amount of top soil we needed and rhe next day we had a dump truck dropping a truckload of dirt in our driveway. Forest, his dad and his mom spent the next 8 hours moving dirt and stamping it in to fill in the hole. I sadly have no pictures of this process….

A couple days later Forest planted grass see and kept it watered so it would grow. And grow it did! We saw grass starting to sprout within a few days and now that we’re a few weeks out we have a completely green spot where the pool used to be!




Forest even followed up with my request to move the stepping stones that led to the pool to the front of the house to make a path from the sidewalk to the driveway. He and my dad spent an afternoon digging up the stones, moving them and replanting the patches of sod from the front to the back.

It looks so good and Indie loves that she has more room to run!  We’ve been brainstorming ideas of how to use the space.  I was thinking picnic table.  I think Forest is leaning more towards permanently moving our fire pit over there with a small paver-patio area and seating around it.  Maybe both??

Now if only we could keep the grass in the front yard green…

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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