Choosing a Seat

Forest and I have visited the topic of comfortable seating in our den every couple months.  We have our office space on one side and bookshelves lining the the other side.

Our desk/office space is pretty much done – we just need a few decorative things above my side of the desk (I’ve made a few things this weekend so they’ll be hanging soon!) and new shear curtains – and we use the space regularly.


Our initial vision for the other side of the room was a wall of bookshelves (done) with two comfy chairs so we could spend time in here reading or relaxing and enjoying the fireplace (not done).


^Please don’t mind the messy/random items on the book cases – they still need to be styled.

So like I mentioned, every couple months we decide it’s time to buy chairs, we go shopping, we get sticker shock from the chairs we like, and we don’t buy anything.  I think we’ve done that routine at least 2 times since we bought the house.

Well we’re back on the we-need-comfy-seating-so-our-den-is-more-usable train.  I started looking at chairs online at places like Target, Raymore and Flannigan, Bob’s Furniture, and  The chairs that I liked Forest thought looked uncomfortable.  The chairs Forest liked I thought looked ugly and big.  We agreed that there was 1 chair of all the ones I found online that had potential:

Jester Classic Chair_overstock

^Jester Classic via Overstock

Some of us [I won’t name names so he doesn’t get embarrassed ;)] doesn’t like the thought of ordering a chair online without sitting on it first.  I agree that there’s a chance the chair could look comfy but actually isn’t so we’ve decided it’s time to go out shopping again.  We got a flier in the mail for Value City Furniture so I think we’ll start there to see if we can find something we both like.  If not, we might end up buying the Jester Classic chair online and have our fingers crossed that it’s as comfortable as it looks.

Until next time — Cindy


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