Forest Says – Vol. 8

While Leon, Shelby & Chansler were visiting over July 4th, if Forest heard a burp or fart:

F:  Is that ours or theirs?


If Peyton is being fussy:

F (to Peyton): Oh don’t be a baby.

F (to me): I love saying that!


Watching ‘Edge of Tomorrow’:

F: Is that MadEye?

[ok, this one isn’t funny.  I’m just so proud that he knows the actors who play in the Harry Potter movies!!]


Opening mail I got from Victoria’s Secret:

F (to me):You didn’t get free panties, just a free mist.

F (to Peyton): How’s mom supposed to get new panties if they don’t send free ones??


A text conversation.  (background info – Forest left for work while I was at a Dr’s appointment so he just left Indie out (as opposed to the hallway where we normally put her when we’re both gone) because I would be home soon:

C: She (Indie) got an oven mitt off the counter but it doesn’t look like she could tear it apart.  Lol.  And she’s out of breath like she’s just been doing laps since you left.

F:  Oh gosh.  What is her problem.  It’s like she’s a kid that never gets to do anything fun so when her parents are gone she ODs on drugs and gets arrested.

C: Bahahaha.  It’s so true though.

C:  Peyton was adored by all the ladies in the Dr’s office.  Lol.  Even the patients in the waiting area.  Haha.

F:  Did they give her hepatitis?

F: Nvm she’s vaccinated for that one.  Did they give her pertussis?


In his sleep:

F:  yeah, I guess tape doesn’t really cost that much.  You can’t blame a cassette tape.


Watching the CMA music fest as Carrie Underwood starts performing:

C:  She doesn’t even look like she had a baby like 4 months ago.

F:  Well look at you.  Do you look like you just had a baby 2 months ago?  No.

C: psshh…

F: Sure, you don’t have her legs but nobody has her legs.


With Peyton sleeping on his chest he looks over at me with puppy-dog eyes:

C: What?  Is she melting your heart?

F: How could someone this size not melt your heart?!


As he’s changing a poopy diaper:

F:  Welp, we lost a sock!


While browsing Babies R Us since we had gift cards to spend, trying to decide which outfits we didn’t actually need to buy for Peyton:

C:  It’s not even a question, yes to the outfit that says I ‘heart’ Daddy’s kisses.

F:  Agreed.

C:  Ok now what about this?  PJ’s that say I love kisses from mommy?

F:  I hate to say no since we just said yes to the Daddy ones but…


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Until next time — Cindy


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