Peyton – 3 months

The time is here again!  Our sweet girl is another month older today!  I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing – I think every parent says that though, right?

Peyton-3 months old

Peyton-3 months old

Peyton-3 months old

Peyton-3 months old

Peyton’s Likes:

  • talking
  • her hands
  • the turtle on the mobile on her swing
  • sitting up while we hold her
  • bath time
  • Al the owl
  • the play mat – she really likes to hit the animal faces that are dangling within her reach
  • Daddy – always

Peyton’s Dislikes:

  • hearing other babies cry
  • staying on her tummy too long

Things we don’t want to forget:

  • Hearing her jibber-jabber more often.  She started at the beginning of August and nowadays she’ll talk to anyone or no one, it doesn’t matter to her!
  • Putting her hands in her mouth.
  • Holding her head up more.  She loves to be in a seated position on our lap and looking around.  She’s an observer for sure.
  • Planting her feet while she’s laying down and lifting her bottom in the air.
  • She sometimes does a fake cough that usually ends up in a laugh.  It’s adorable.
  • She’s been eating faster (instead of 40 minutes she’s down to about 20-25 minutes) and not as often (she’s regularly eating every 3 hours as opposed to every 2-2.5 hours).
  • Just this week she started pulling things up to her mouth.  Blankets, burp rags and ruffles on her shirt have all found their way into her mouth.
  • Getting her crib!  It came at the end of August with Grandpa & Grandma J and she’s been sleeping in it as if she always has been.
  • Yesterday I laid her down while she was still awake but yawning and rubbing her eyes.  I gave her a pacifier and walked out of the room.  I peeked through the door about 5 minutes later and she was asleep.  So precious!
  • She’s been going to bed between 7:30pm and 8:30pm the past 2 weeks, waking up around 4:00am to eat and then sleeping again until 7:00am.
  • We got ourselves on a good routine!  She’s generally awake and ready to eat by 7:00, she eats every 3 hours with naps between each feeding and then bedtime between 7:30 and 8:30.
  • I started exercising in the mornings during this month – I put her in the stroller after her 7:00am nursing and we go on a power walk/jog around the neighborhood.  She usually naps the whole time which is ok with me – I’m using that time to pray and I still get to be with her.
  • She’s been getting good at holding her head up during tummy time.  She almost rolled herself over one day last week because she was getting angry and kicking.
  • Today she started sucking on her bottom lip!
  • Visitors!  Rachele, Grandpa & Grandma J at the end of August.

You can check out previous month’s here.

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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