Another bet bites the dust

Forest, my dear husband, made a bet with me a few weeks ago.  We had spaghetti one night for dinner while his parents were here and he said

I’ll buy you whatever you want if you finish everything on your plate.  Including the garlic bread.

My wheels started spinning as I considered what awesome things I could get out of this bet!  I had already eaten about 1/3 of what was on my plate so I knew I could finish, even though I would be mega-full when I was done, I just didn’t know if it would be worth feeling icky afterwards.  I weighed my options…

  • Finish my plate and possibly feel icky the rest of the night BUT Forest would buy me whatever I wanted


  • Don’t finish my plate and feel absolutely fine BUT Forest wouldn’t buy me anything AND he would ‘win’

My choice was obvious – WIN and have Forest buy me anything!

I finished my spaghetti and the garlic bread in record time.  Ha!  And luckily I felt ok.  I was full, of course, but I didn’t feel terrible.

I brainstormed ideas for a couple days (with the help of both in-laws – they were pushing for big things like a washer/dryer combo, new car, etc).  I was torn between several things but ultimately landed on a camera bag!  I’ve been looking at getting one for awhile now but the really nice ones are a little pricey and I couldn’t justify spending extra money when I had a camera bag already.  But after winning this bet, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get something I want but wouldn’t buy for myself unless I needed it.

I researched my options for a few more days – I couldn’t just buy the first bag that caught my eye – and when I finally settled on the one I wanted, the color I loved was out of stock until mid-September.  I checked back on the website daily.  Not even kidding.  When it was finally back in stock I added that baby to my cart, grabbed Forest’s credit card [since he was the one who was buying it ;)], and ordered it right then and there!

I’ve seriously been so excited for its arrival since I ordered it and Indie’s never-ending barking one morning let me know that the mailman finally delivered my bag!  And here it is…

Kelly Moore bag

Kelly Moore bag

Kelly Moore bag

I decided on a Kelly Moore* bag – the Songbird – in mushroom color.  There are plenty of pockets to store things plus the dividers on the inside are adjustable and removable so I can get the compartments to the perfect size for my camera and gear.  And the exciting part is that I can always have my camera with me!  The Songbird looks like a normal, everyday bag so nobody would suspect I have my camera!

I think Forest is going to reconsider when he makes a bet with me anymore. :)

Until next time — Cindy

*Kelly Moore has no idea who I am – just sharing my own thoughts and opinions on a product I purchased.


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