pumpkins & apples & costumes – oh my!

Our weekends this October have been jam-packed with all things fall this year!  And I’ve been a terrible blogger so instead of individual posts y’all get one big post with all of our fall activities!  Ready?!


Forest and I have gone to the same pumpkin patch – Cheesequake Farms – the past few years so we decided we’d keep up the tradition and take Peyton for her first trip.  We stopped by after church at the beginning of the month and it was a beautiful afternoon.  Peyton was awake for the hayride back to the pumpkin patch but I was wearing her in the carrier (which has magic powers that make her sleepy) and she fell asleep soon after we started walking around.  I found a cute pumpkin just a couple minutes in.  Forest found a good sized pumpkin not too long after but he’s notorious for changing his mind so he put it next to a headstone so he could come back for it if he didn’t find another one he liked better.  We traipsed through all the vines and pumpkins big and small we found a cute one the perfect size for Peyton.  Forest contemplated a handful of pumpkins but in the end settled on the one he hid earlier.

pumpkin patch 2015-2

pumpkin patch 2015-5

pumpkin patch 2015-6

pumpkin patch 2015-7

pumpkin patch 2015-8

pumpkin patch 2015-11

pumpkin patch 2015-10

pumpkin patch 2015-9

pumpkin patch 2015-12

pumpkin patch 2015-13

pumpkin patch 2015-16

pumpkin patch 2015-17

pumpkin patch 2015-19

Next on our agenda – APPLE PICKING!

This was sort of an impromptu trip on a chilly but gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  We’ve never gone apple picking but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time so I Googled some nearby (picked the one that was closest and had the nicest website) and we headed out.  We ended up going to Battleview Orchards and had a great time!  It was definitely chilly – we were all bundled up and we threw a blanket over Peyton to keep the wind out of her face – but we took our time strolling down the rows of red delicious and golden delicious.  We hadn’t heard of the other apples that were available for picking so we stuck to what we knew and we weren’t disappointed!  There were so many apples on the trees (even more on the ground under most of the golden delicious trees) and most of them were really big.  We saw other people eating apples as they were leaving so Forest and I each grabbed a red delicious to try – yummy!!! – and we split a golden delicious while we walked to the end of the rows.  We picked more apples than we knew we could eat but justified it by deciding to make applesauce with the ones we didn’t eat.  (Forest made the applesauce just last week and he did wonderful.)  Peyton slept during most of our time in the orchard since I was wearing her in the (magical) carrier.  Battleview Orchards has a store just down the road with apple everything plus more so we obviously bought more than we needed but enjoyed it all – apple cider doughnuts, apple cider, apple pie, apple butter and a caramel apple.

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015

Apple picking 2015


Just last weekend we carved our pumpkins.  We usually have no idea what we want to carve but always end up with something really cool and this year we did it again! :)  I wanted to Peyton’s hand print or foot print on her pumpkin but she’s just so squirmy that we decided doing a “P” would be easier.  I drew the outline on the pumpkin and Forest carved it out while Peyton and I watched.  Forest found the Gru + minion carving online and tackled it with near-perfection.  I only heard him say ‘oops’ a handful of times as he cut too far or sliced his pumpkin as he was carving.  I couldn’t decide what to do but I’ve been on a woodland creature kick since that’s the theme of Peyton’s nursery and I ended up finding the fox outline to do for mine.  Indie enjoyed eating the pumpkin guts and little carvings that didn’t make it into the trash.

pumpking carving 2015 (1)

pumpking carving 2015 (3)

pumpking carving 2015 (5)

pumpking carving 2015 (8)

pumpking carving 2015 (10)

pumpking carving 2015 (12)

pumpking carving 2015 (15)

pumpking carving 2015 (14)

pumpking carving 2015 (16)

pumpking carving 2015 (18)


Peyton’s school had a costume parade this afternoon.  I left Peyton’s costume (a colts cheerleader!) when I dropped her off this morning and the teacher’s changed all the kids just before the parade started at 3.  I got to the school just before 3 and waited in the parking lot with the other parents and grandparents.  A little while later, the Director came out to tell us to make a big circle in the parking lot because the kids were getting ready to come out and would do a few laps around so everyone could see.  Obviously Peyton and most of the kids in her class can’t walk so they were all in strollers.  She looked like such a grump when they first came outside (the teacher later told me they had to wake her up from her nap and she wasn’t a happy camper – can you blame her?!) but I swooped in and she snuggled in my arms while we hung out for a little while.  They had a DJ in the side yard so all of the older kids were gettin’ their groove on and we watched out of the window in her classroom.


And that concludes The Johnson’s 2015 Fall activities recap!  Halloween is tomorrow so we’ll be dressing Peyton up to help us pass out candy!

Until next time — Cindy

*all images are original to a view from the shore


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