I want to remember

It’s occurred to me lately that maybe the smallest life moments are the ones I want to preserve the most.  Because down the road, I’ll probably remember the big life moments! it’ll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things.  And I’ve already captured those moments with the camera and shared those times on the blog.  Of course I will have my camera with me for capturing all of the big, fun, spectacular things!  But it’s so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine…

but it all changes so quickly!

I see how much it’s changing every day!  So here is a list of a few things I want to remember about this time in your little six-month-old life.

Dear Peyton,

I can’t believe you’re half way to 1-year-old already, baby girl!


I want to remember….

Your huge, whole-face smile that you give me and daddy.  Well, anyone really.  If someone is talking to you directly, you have a huge grin on your face.  I like to think you save the biggest smiles for daddy and me though.

How much you’ve developed recently.  Within a matter of weeks you’ve gotten 2 teeth, started sitting up on your own, enjoy eating cereal in the mornings, and you not only reach for toys in front of you but you play with them, too.

That you l.o.v.e. to bang your toys around.  The rattle, the teething rings, the pacifiers all get banged around.  It’s music to our ears!

Your cuddles.  Even though you’re more independent now that you can sit on your own, you still like to be held.  I think it’s because you can see more when someone is holding you and you sure are an observer.  But sometimes when you’re sleepy you like to snuggle on our shoulders – not as much as when you were younger but every once in a while.

That you seem to be enjoying day care.  Mommy was worried you wouldn’t or that you’d cry a lot because the teachers had other kids to take care of.  But every day that I visit during lunch and every evening that I pick you up the teachers always tell me how much you enjoyed your day.  You love sitting at the table so you can see everything and play with toys.  You finally seem to be taking at least one long nap during the day now.  But you sure do like catching up on your sleep on the weekends.

That you still haven’t rolled over!  The dr said at your 4 month appointment that some kids are sitting on their own before they roll over and I guess that’s you, little one.  You do really well during tummy time, you push up on your arms and look around but you don’t seem interested in trying to roll.  I know it will happen one day and everything will change so I’m trying not to rush you.

Your laugh.  Oh, your sweet baby giggles just melt my heart, Peyton.  The smallest things will send you into a fit of giggles.  Like last night, daddy was making a monkey toy dance on the kitchen table and you thought it was just the funniest thing.  And a little bit later, you were sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery while mommy put your clothes away, daddy got you laughing again just by sticking his tongue out at you from the doorway.

That you’re able to eat your toes!  You’ve been trying to get them to your mouth for a couple weeks and they finally made it.

How loved you are.  Your grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousin all adore you.  And you’re going to meet so many extended relatives really soon!  You’re going to knock their socks off with your charm and that mega-watt smile, baby!  Especially your great-grandparents, I think they’re going to be smitten with you.

How much you talk to daddy in the mornings while he gets you dressed for the day.

That you’re teething so much.  It hurts me to know that you’re hurting so I’ll just cuddle you close, put some baby oragel on those little gums of yours, and tell you everything will be alright.

Our weekend morning naps in mommy and daddy’s bed!  After you nurse at 6 we head into mommy & daddy’s room where daddy is still sleeping and Indie is snoozing curled at the end of the bed and you and me crawl under the covers with a couple toys to keep you occupied until you get to a point where you’re sleepy and you cuddle whatever soft thing we have nearby (blankie or stuffed animal) and you close those little eyes and mommy watches as you drift to sleep, snuggled right up next to me, sharing mommy’s pillow.

How much you love to touch.  Everything.  Especially our faces recently.  It’s so cute watching your little arms stretch out and your fingers reaching for our faces.  You especially like touching mommy’s face while you nurse in the evenings.

Looking you in the eyes every night and telling you how much I love you.  It’s true, baby girl.  Mommy loves you a whole-stinkin’-lot.

You’re going to continue growing and some of these things won’t change but some of them will.  So now I’ll have this little list to remind me of these precious, 6-month-old days with you.

So now that mommy is all emotional and crying, I’m going to end this post by saying: even though you might not understand yet what we say when we tell you “I love you” I hope you can feel our love.  I hope you know just how much you mean to us, baby girl.

And a few pictures because… well, mommy loves pictures!


















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